Home Maintenance 101: 7 Awesome Spring Cleaning Tips

As nature starts blooming with spring, so does our need to bring some of that gorgeous sunshine into our homes. Spring is the favourite season for many people, but besides indulging in its beauty with your family, it’s also a perfect time to do some spring cleaning around the house. You can create a cleaning guide you can follow every week to make it easier for you. If you’re still daunted by the task, we have some good news for you. With these awesome tips, you’ll tackle it like a pro. Here are the top tips to help you get going.

1. Make Some Space

Before you put your rubber gloves on, you should first declutter your rooms. Go through your things and set aside everything you don’t find useful anymore. Then sort them into three piles. See which of those things you can recycle, which you can give away, and everything else should go straight to the garbage. Getting rid of the unnecessary things will not only ease your cleaning routine but make your home look more spacious.

2. Make a Master Plan

People say that good planning is half the battle. It’s true for organising a family trip and it’s true for spring cleaning. Before you start, make sure you write down everything that’s on your cleaning list. Account for all the areas that need scrubbing, and then write down all the supplies you need for that specific area. Things you should include are rubber gloves, sponges, brushes, clothes, and cleaning sprays for different surfaces, if you need a little assistance, check out this guide on how to clean your house in under one hour

3. Get Some Help

There is a common belief that a good housewife does her own housework. However, many people nowadays would disagree on that one. Juggling so many different roles can leave us feeling drained at the end of the day. That’s why it’s perfectly okay to hire some help, especially when it comes to house cleaning. There are many high-rate cleaning services like Simply Spotless Cleaning that will make your life easier, especially when it comes to cleaning areas that are hard or impossible to get to. By leaving this job to professionals will not only save you a huge amount of energy, but it will also enable you to spend that valuable amount of time with your kids.

4. Start from the Top

This is straightforward logical.  You don’t have to be a physicist to know that gravity pulls everything downwards. That’s why you should leave cleaning your floors last. Start by vacuuming the cobwebs on your ceiling and dusting the highest shelves in the room and then work from the top down. After dusting the ceiling, move on to the picture frames and lower shelves and finally, mop the floors.

5. Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Good Scrub

The two things that we usually pay the most attention when cleaning the kitchen are the oven and the fridge. Sure, it’s essential to keep them tidy, but what you shouldn’t neglect are the kitchen cabinets. Grease from cooking usually settles on those surfaces so it’s important to polish them regularly if you want to avoid stains and bacteria.

6. Let the Sunshine In

Clean windows are imperative if you want your home to look spotless. This isn’t something that you usually do on a weekly basis so make sure you do it thoroughly. Degrease, wash and polish both sides of each window, including the window frames and shutters. Although you want to make your windows to look impeccable for sunny days, it’s advisable to do the window cleaning when it’s cloudy (not rainy) because sunshine makes the cleanser dry fast, leaving you with smudges.

7. Organise Your Closet

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to make some changes in your closet and forget about “I have nothing to wear” mood. Empty it up and get rid of everything that you haven’t used for more than 6 months. You can donate some of those clothes and accessories that are in good shape. Wash the pieces that you’ve decided to keep and sort them out. Tuck away your chunky winter sweaters and organise the rest by colour or outfit combinations.


Spring cleaning is an essential part of preparing your home for warm sunny days. By making everything clean and tidy, you’ll create a lovely serene atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. Following these spring cleaning tips will make your job easier and it will also make the task of polishing up your home something you look forward to.

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