Argos Does Cherokee! Part 1

None of my children are into designer labels, they just want clothes that fit and are hard wearing, living in the countryside we spend a HUGE amount of time outdoors so they like clothes that are not too flimsy.

When I went to the Argos Christmas In July event I fell in love with their new Cherokee clothing range, for children aged 5-12, so when I was given the opportunity to dress four of the children we jumped at the chance!

The only problem we had was choosing what to wear…

Here are Tyrus and Eowyn’s choices.


For Tyrus we went for a T-Shirt, a pair of chinos and a Gorgeous checked shirt to go over the top, as Tyrus struggles to wear anything too hot and would rather be naked!

cherokee tyrus 1 cherokee tyrus 2 cherokee tyrus 3

The great news is that the top and shirt are on Special Offer at Argos, so grab yourself a bargain. Here are the results…

Tyrus loves the feel of the T Shirt and even managed to keep it on for a couple of hours (which is AMAZING for him) The Chinos have plenty of room and they have an adjustable waist, the shirt feels very soft and looks great.

He has aged 5-6 which means they will last him quite a long time, the Chinos are quite long in the leg, but fit well on the waist, so he has plenty of growing room.


DSC_0362       DSC_0378DSC_0369

Next was Eowyn which took a LONG time to decide as there were so many lovely items, eventually she went for a top, jeggings and Gilet, which is currently half price.

cherokee eowyn 1 cherokee eowyn 2 cherokee eowyn 3

Eowyn LOVES them all, she had aged 7-8, the Gilet and Wolf top both came up very small, in fact we had to order the next size up which was 9-10, although I think it may just be those two items, Roo from Boo Roo and Tigger Too reviewed some tops and didn’t have any problems with the sizing. The Gilet is very padded and will keep Eowyn lovely and warm when the weather is colder but she doesn’t want the restriction of  a large coat. She has already worn it to school a few times and got great reactions.

The jeggings had plenty of leg room and the elasticated waist wasn’t too tight. She said they felt very soft, and I was very impressed with the thickness of them, perfect for the cooler weather.

Here she is showing them off.

DSC_0308     DSC_0329DSC_0332

Our Thoughts

Both outfits I think look great and they are definitely the types of clothes I would choose to dress them in, they represent great value for money, even more now that some of them are on special offer.

I will definitely be ordering some more from Argos, the tops that didn’t fit was a simple exchange.

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