Are You Advertising Your Home To Burglars?

Burglars like to carefully select their victims. By making sure that you’re not advertising yourself as an easy target, you can put off burglars from attempting a break in and keep your family and your possessions secure. Here are just some of the most common lures to be wary of.

People can see through your windows

Before targeting a property, burglars like to know if there’s anything worth stealing inside. Allowing passers-by to see inside your home basically allows burglars to window-shop.
By distorting the view for passers-by, you can prevent thieves from peeking inside. Net curtains and blinds are both great tools for doing this – they can offer privacy whilst still allowing in sunlight. Opting for frosted glass could be another option, but this could also stop you from looking outside.

Your home is hidden behind a high hedge

A high hedge can offer privacy – but it could be too much privacy. Whilst a hedge stops people from peeking into your home, it also offers an obstacle to hide behind. As a result, a burglar may be able to break into the front door when no-one is home and none of your neighbours will notice. Consider trimming down any hedge or wall so that the front of your home isn’t completely hidden from the street.

There are valuables on display outside your home

Burglars may not even have to break into your home to steal something. Whilst many people are wise enough not to leave valuable outside the front of their home, many people leave expensive barbecues and mowers on display outside of their home. Lock these away in a shed when not in use so that an eagle-eyed thief doesn’t spot them.

You’ve got no outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can help to illuminate your home after dark. This can make it harder for burglars to break in undetected without being spotted by you or by neighbours. Motion-sensing lighting is one of the best options as it will only turn on when someone is outside so that you don’t have to have lights on all night (which could lead to high energy bills). Make sure to place this lighting round the front and back of your home.

You have doors and windows that are visibly damaged

A cracked window or a door that’s hanging off its hinges could serve as an easy entrance for a burglar. Make sure to fix any damage as soon as it become noticeable. Upgrading your doors and windows may also be worthwhile if they’re very old. Alternatively, you may be able to simply upgrade the locks.

You’re putting too much information on social media

Many burglars use social media to pick their targets. You should be careful of letting people know when you’re out of the house – holiday snaps that have been location tagged are some of the biggest giveaways that your home is empty. Instead, wait until you get home to update your status and post those pics. Setting your account to private and not accepting friends requests from strangers could also stop the wrong people seeing your information.

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