Amazing reasons why you should keep your home printer

We’re living in an increasingly digitised world. From floppy discs (remember them?) to CDs, USBs and then cloud storage facilities, there’s no need to keep mountains of paper in your home anymore. Did you know that people have more information about themselves stored on their digital devices than they do in their own homes? From our bills to our bank accounts, even receipts and registrations, everything is done with the click of a button, with no need for paper copies or filing systems anymore. So, with all this in mind, it must be time to put that old home printer out for good, right?

Wrong! While the advancement of technology makes life easier for us and much more convenient, there’s still a place at home for your personal printer. Sure they might take up a little room, but these amazing reasons why you should keep your home printer will explain why they should still be at the heart of your home office.

They’re cheaper to run than you think

One of the biggest issues people have with home printing is the apparent cost of replacing printer cartridges. Just a few short years ago, people were limited on where they could purchase these cartridges from, which in turn, meant high prices. These days, however, it’s no longer the case. You can find a range of Canon printer cartridges at great value prices. Having access to a reliable ink cartridge supplier means you can print at home for less! Just another reason to keep your home printer alive and kicking.

Hard copies of important documents

As mentioned above more businesses and people are going paperless and many documents are now stored digitally. However, when it comes to copies of important documents, your home printer is your best friend. Correspondence between you and your solicitor, formal contracts, renewal confirmation, legal documents, mortgage deeds… the list is endless. While having digital copies of these is a good idea, hard copies provide back-ups and the ability to sign, edit and alter documents when needed.


Whether you have a teenager who needs to print off their college coursework, you need homeschooling resources for the little ones, or you want to print off a boarding pass or ticket confirmation, not having access to a printer at home is incredibly frustrating. Relying on emails, cloud storage, passwords, and internet connectivity alone to access these documents isn’t a great idea. Having the ability to print your own is much more convenient and reassuring!

Printing your own photos

Most of us are guilty of having thousands of special memories stored on our phones, and never having them printed or even backed up. The idea of losing all those files is devastating, to say the least, but if you have access to a home printer and the right kind of paper, you can print all your favourite moments at home, at your convenience.

And finally, homeschooling

If you’re homeschooling your children right now, then having access to your home printer means they’ll have access to a wide range of other activities away from the screen and their digital lessons. From colouring to maths problems to printing their presentations, there’s no denying that a home printer is essential for everyone! 

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