#Blogtober18 Day 1 All About Me

Hello and welcome to the first day of Blogtober 2018, for those of you who have joined in before, welcome back, for those of you who are new, hello and welcome.
The first prompt of this year, is All About You, which I think has been the first for the last two years as it’s nice to get to know everyone that’s taking part, so for those who are completely new this year, you can check out my post from last year about Me and My Family, which also links to my 2016 post, so you should have all the background info on me you will ever need!
The last year has flown by, i’m sure it never used to go this quick when I was little! So here is an update on The Morrisons…
The Children
This time last year Xene, our eldest had just started university ‘Up North’ studying Production Design for Stage and Screen, she completed her first year very successfully and is now back for her second year, she has moved to a new house with some of her uni friends from halls and is loving what she is doing, you can read a little bit ore about her first year here
Lochlan has completed his two years of Game Development and Film and TV Double award and achieved a Merit in each of them, he has just started a Level 4 in Game Development and is currently looking at which university he would like to go to in September, he isn’t completely decided on a film or gaming career, so he’s looking at both options at the moment, although he is leaning towards film and a university at the opposite end of the country to Xene, which could make my life even more chaotic!!
Neva is now in her final year of high school, and is considering her college options and which subjects to study, she is working extremely hard. and I don’t envy her with these new gcses, she is managing well with her migraines and the school have put a plan in place to enable her to continue her classwork in a quieter environment if she feels a migraine starting, which is a great worry off her mind.
Kaide is now settled into Year 8 at the same high school as Neva, he is doing well and has been moved up in all subjects this year, so he is working hard and getting some great results, although his timetable is still a little muddled, due to the moving up to different sets, so that’s a job for me to sort out this week!
Eowyn is now in year 5, and has two teachers this year, she seems to really like them both and enjoys going to school much more than she did last year, although she still detests homework! It’s hard to believe that next year will be her final at primary!
Tyrus is staying put for another year at his primary school, so we are currently considering all options that we think will benefit him the most, he is talking much more at school and now showing an interest in words and reading, so lets hope that continues, his eating at school became non existent at the start of this year, so the amazing school cook asked if it was OK if she makes him three fishfingers everyday (the only food he will currently eat at school), and we have seen a much happier little boy during lunchtimes, its amazing how one little thing can mean so much!
Viggo has now started in reception at the school with Tyrus and Eowyn and he is doing great, he still cries every morning when I take him in, but this lasts for approximately 10 seconds, and he comes out beaming at the end of the day, although he can never remember what he has done during the day!!
Although not technically a child (although she is as demanding as one) Merrie is now a year old, just at the end of last years Blogtober I mentioned we would be getting a Newfoundland Puppy, and she has been a brilliant addition to the family, she is as lively as the children, and bigger than some of them already, she is currently weighing in at 48kg and makes my days at home without the children so much more entertaining, it is just like having a toddler at home!!
The Grown Ups
Technically Xene and Lochi are adults, but they are still little to me! Asa and I have had a busy year, which hit the peak in June when the Great Yarmouth Airshow was a roaring success with 180,000 people attending over the weekend, and I am SO very proud of my husband for making it happen (although I don’t tell him often enough), all the hours and late nights, not to mention the very long hours for a few weeks before were definitely worth it, not sure what the next project will be but i’m sure it will be just as impressive.
Blogging wise I made the decision to change the blog name from Hex Mum plus 1 to Big Family Organised Chaos, as I felt that the original name didn’t really fit anymore and we are a Big Family, so that was the biggest change, we have also added to our blogging portfolio, currently I am writing this one about parenting and Lifestyle , Big Family Little Adventures is our Days Out and Family Travel blog, Big Dog Little Adventures is all about life with a Newfie and dogs in general, during the summer we added Big Family Budgeting for money saving and budgeting tips.
All About Me
We appeared in the Fabulous Magazine at the beginning of September comparing a mum with one child and me with seven, this involved a day in Norwich at a studio, with hair, make-up and styling, and lots of photos being taken, it was a fun thing to do with the family, (Asa was there with us, but the photo they chose to use didn’t have him in!) but not something i’d want to do on a regular basis, I just found out yesterday that is will also appear in Woman’s Own Magazine this week.
Think that’s all for now, looking forward to hearing all about each of you.
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32 thoughts on “#Blogtober18 Day 1 All About Me”

    • Very true, already the three eldest tower above me, last week lochi gave me a piggy back! Your two dogs are just as gorgeous x

  1. Well done all your kids. It sounds like they are working hard at school, uni & college.
    Wow! Merrie has grown a bit since I last remember seeing a photo of her. hehehe
    I love that photo of you all.
    Thank you for running blogtober again x

    • Yes Merrie has been growing at quite a rate, i’m hoping she is starting to slow down as she is as tall as me when she stands o her back legs! Its a pleasure running blogtober as I actually remember to post something!!

    • Not sure i’ll manage it either!! After reading about Monty and Minnies exploits I think they’d make a great team!!

  2. Waves I’m a totally newbie to Blogtober although not a blogging newbie but I thought I’d give it a go this year to try and get me out of a blogging rut πŸ™‚ Really loved writing my first post and lovely to read about you! I’m off to visit some other participants – thanks for hosting xx

    • Welcome Sonia, hope it helps with the blogging rut, I think that’s why i have five different niches so I can flit between them and not get bored!!

  3. This is a lovely catch up post! WOW I don’t envy any of the older kids making all their course/lesson choices! Sounds like they have a determination and a go get `em attitude, wishing them all the very best with their selections and journeys. Also goodness me you organised an airshow, well flipping heck that must have been a job and a half! I must admit as stressful as it sounds it also sounds amazing! Also, I have to say it even though most others have too, that photo of you all is lovely!

    • I can’t take all the credit, my husband did most of it, I just provided assistance (and lots of coffee!) Its amazing what 4 hours of hair, make-up and styling can achieve!

    • Now that all seven children are in education, I need lots of things to keep me busy! I’m not used to a quiet house…

  4. Sounds like your children are heading in a fab direction with college and uni. They are doing so well. You are like a supermum, I have 1 toddler at home and he demands my attention most of the day that I struggle to keep up with my blog or life in general haha. Love your dog x

  5. Oh my goodness how absolutely gorgeous is your pup!!!
    I can’t imagine how crazy it would be if your eldest two did end up at other ends of the country!

    Really looking forward to joining in on #blogtober with you!

  6. I think you deserve an award for 7 kids, I struggle with my 4! I love your family photo, I always struggled to get a picture of all of my kids together and now it’s too late as we don’t have Beth anymore. Thanks for doing this, and I will join in as much as I can πŸ™‚


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