Aldi – One Stop Christmas Shop

After I found out my exciting news, I started to browse the Aldi website and was amazed by the upcoming products.

Aldi today revealed it’s cutting back the cost of Christmas by unveiling its ‘one stop Christmas gift shop’. Ticking mum, dad, the children and even grandma and grandad off the costly Christmas gift list, the retailer’s ‘one stop shop’ caters for the whole family with a whole host of gifts at just a fraction of the typically pricey Christmas splurge.

Now, you may, like me be a little sceptical when you see items priced so cheaply, maybe thinking that the quality may not be as good, or they won’t last as long, so I challenged Aldi to prove me wrong….

Our house ADORES socks, don’t ask me why, but everyone has crazy coloured socks or characters on them, Eowyn can often be found going to school in Minnie Mouse socks and Kaide in Star Wars, Neva will lift her trouser leg to reveal crazy striped socks and Xene and Lochlan use the weekend to display a vast array of colour, as they have to wear plain black to high school.

Every Christmas, My stocking is filled with various brightly coloured socks with different motifs on them, so when I saw that Aldi were going to be selling Character Socks, at £2.59 for two pairs, I was intrigued.
I have been sent the Betty Boop socks to review, unfortunately, Xene saw the parcel arrive and promptly took them, next thing I know, she has them on her feet!!
She says that they are very comfortable and not too tight, they kept her feet warm whilst on a Rugby Treasure Hunt. At less than £1.30 per pair, I think they are extremely good value for money.
The character socks will be in store from Thursday 28th November.

Along with some other fabulous gifts for the men in your life !! 
Mens wool socks £2.99, Adult winter hats £3.59, Men’s pyjamas £8.99, these will certainly be welcome in our house, and by both grandads!

Another item that caught my eye was Ladies Sherpa Fleece Booties.
I do not have a very good track record with slippers! I definitely get on better with the boot style, and when I saw these will be on sale in Aldi stores from 12th December for just £3.99.

I LOVE them! they are like walking on cotton wool, my feet are so warm in them, my only negative is that they have material bottoms, so I have to remember not to step outside on the patio in them!!
The ones that I have are size 2/5 which is quite a range, although my two big footed daughters can’t get in them which is a bonus and means I have a pair for myself!!
At the same time there will be Ladies onesies, now I have never been a fan of these, but all of my friends tell me I will love them, at £8.99 maybe I will give one a try!!

I shall be bringing you more Aldi Special Buys, so keep an eye out for them

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