Aldi in The Garden and Camping!

By now you should all know about my love for Aldi Special Buys, I have written quite a few posts. With the sunny weather FINALLY starting to break through (although it will probably be hailing tomorrow) it is time to start thinking about the garden, and Aldi have some fabulous products at amazing prices, and some of them are available online, but, if like me you can’t wait, why not pop down to your local Aldi and grab some of the products.

I went in on Thursday and they had lots of children’s gardening tools, unfortunately some little toddler has wiped my photos from the phone!

Children's-Garden-Leaf-Rake-A Children's-Garden-Pointed-Spade-A

But it’s not just for the children, there are Men’s Garden Toys as well, like these great shears, loppers and secateurs, priced at only £9.99, these are in store only, so grab them quick!




And once the garden is looking all fancy, why not treat yourself to a gorgeous Steel pewter Chimenea, that you can order online for the fabulous price of £29.99, and don’t forget an Outdoor Wall Clock

There are some amazing Garden accessories that you can pick up in store or go online.

Once the garden is sorted, it will be the summer holidays which is the perfect time to go camping!

Eowyn and Viggo have been modelling the Ladies 65L Trekking Backpack

DSC_0051 DSC_0049

And maybe a pop up tent to go away in2-Person-Pop-Up-Tent-A which is available online for £19.99, along with all of the camping accessories to go with the tent.

One amazing product that I have never seen before is LED Tent lights, no more fumbling around in the dark trying to get into your sleeping bag (which you can also get from Aldi)






Have you been to Aldi lately, have you seen any of these great products, what will you be purchasing online, especially at the moment they are offering FREE standard delivery.



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