Advice for Decorating a Neutral Bedroom

When it comes time to decorate your home, choosing the correct colours for walls is an important part of the process. One beautiful and classic option is to paint the room in neutral colours, and then allow the decorations to make a statement. If you are looking to decorate a neutral bedroom, here are some things to keep in mind.


One fun way to decorate a neutral bedroom is to use different patterns. As long as they have a colour in common with the neutral tone on your wall, you will be able to use geometric, floral, stripes, and other fun designs. This can help your room stand out, and the patterns show off your personal sense of style.


Just because the walls have been painted in a neutral colour, that does not mean that the room must be all one colour. A variety of colours can make a splash in your neutral bedroom. This can take the form of pillows, duvets, curtains, wall art, and other decorations. These pieces can work together with the walls to create a different look. Plus, when you get bored with one colour, it’s easier to get new curtains than to repaint the walls.


In a neutral bedroom, the furniture is often the focus. Don’t be afraid to let the furniture be the centrepiece of your room. Chose a quality bed that is comfortable, stylish, and it can be that focus. Companies like Revival Beds make beautiful, handcrafted wooden beds and other pieces of furniture. These pieces are designed to be the focus of any room that they are in and are built to last for years. With a variety of styles, choosing the furniture to go in your room is a critical piece of the decorating puzzle.


Wall hangings can make a huge difference when it comes to decorating a room. Some decorators recommend mirrors as the best accessory for a room painted in neutral colours. The mirror allows the light to reflect beautifully and a mirror can provide an elegant focal point. An antique and ornate mirror is a practical and elegant way to show your personality in your decorating.


Some people take the ideas of colours and patterns for their rooms and go one step further. A bedroom painted in neutral colours can be the perfect place to try out a themed room. This allows you to use a mix of colours and patterns in your fabrics, furniture, and accessories to create a room that is relaxing and fun. Many decorators mention that neutral colours work well with a rustic theme, where the woodwork is the focus. However, you could also use the neutral base to create a room with any theme you want. As with other design ideas, if you ever find yourself wanting to update the room with a new theme, it is much easier to paint over white or beige walls and replace or update furnishings.

A neutral bedroom is one that is ripe with decorating possibilities. Whether you chose a theme, a colour scheme, or just some of your favourite patterns, by adding in beautiful furniture you can create a calming and relaxing room.

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