A Stroke ? I’m Only 37 !

Last weekend I had a pretty harrowing time, Friday evening Asa and I went to a Quiz night at his rugby club, it was to raise money for Charity and I  thought that I had a reasonable general knowledge base.
I was part of the Hashtag WAGS team and we were feeling quite confident, until we took a look at the page to record your answers…It was a SPORTS quiz!!!
In all fairness we didn’t do too badly we were not last nor second from last but we did come third from last!!
My brainbox of a husband’s team won, obviously, next time we shall challenge them to celebrity and fashion quiz!!
When the quiz finished we stayed for a while, chatting and catching up with people we don’t get to see very often.
About 11pm I was sat talking with one of the girls when I felt quite strange, the only way I can describe it was feeling completely spaced out, as if I wasn’t really in the room, very bizarre and we left shortly afterwards, as Asa had been drinking I drove us home, however I would be lying if I said I could remember the journey, in fact it is a complete blur, I even took a wrong turning at the roundabout, on a trip i do almost daily.
We got home and I spent a short time talking with our lovely babysitter, whilst we were chatting my left arm and all down the left side of my face went completely numb, I was drinking a bottle of water and I could feel it trickling out of my mouth, I literally had no feeling, this went on for at least half an hour!
I went up to bed and tried to sleep it off, the numbness went and was replaced by a thundering headache and flashing lights, I began to panic, I had these kind of feelings when I was pregnant with Xene, which turned into pre-eclampsia and an early than expected delivery. I telephoned the Central Delivery Suite and described my symptoms, the midwife told me to take a paracetamol and go back to bed, if it had not improved in an hour to call back. An hour later I could barely move my head it hurt that much, I called back and they told me to come in, which is when the fun bit started, I had to wake Asa up, by now the time was 4am and also get someone to come and take care of the six children, good old dad picked up the phone straight away and said he was on his way!
I then thought about Xene’s arrival, when I went to hospital I never returned until after I had her, so I began routing through the cupboards for newborn baby clothes (just in case!)
On arrival at the hospital I had every test going, bloods, urine, baby checks. All concluded that baby was absolutely fine and the problem was me!!!
I was referrred to a medical doctor, although they kept me on the obstetrics ward due to the fact I was 34 weeks pregnant.
Asa went home about 8am, after they had informed him I would be staying in for the weekend whilst they worked out what was wrong with me…
Their main concern was that I had suffered a mini stroke, as I still had very limited feeling on my left side, various tasks involving closing eyes and drawing circles mid air resulted in the diagnosis that I had probably got a complex migraine, though why at the age of 37 I should suddenly get one, when I have never had one before was puzzling them, so I was transferred to the Postnatal ward in a sideroom to continue being observed.
The other concern was maybe a blood clot, so I was given some rather sexy TEDs Stockings to wear!! Bet you thought they were always white….

I was dosed up every couple of hours with painkillers and the headache gradually subsided, which was good news because it meant I didn’t have to go through the embarrassment of a brain scan to be told there is nothing left after so many babies!!!

I was eventually allowed home on Sunday afternoon on the condition that I rested, thankfully my lovely husband and children have been taking great care of me ever since and Wiggly has been able to stay put until he is properly cooked!!

So that was the start to the Morrison Summer Holidays!! What next….

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