9 Effective Ways To Secure Your Home

How secure is your home? While the UK is considered a relatively safe country, there is no denying that crime can and does occur. Home burglaries, in particular, have seen a sharp rise since coming out of lockdown in 2020, with police forces across the country noting that more people are reporting their homes being broken into more than ever. Sadly a home is broken into every 108 seconds, making it 34 in an hour, and it can happen to anyone at any time, whether you are at home or not. 

Home security can put your mind at ease both when you are at home and away from home. You can adopt many different behaviours to protect your home and your family, and your property. 

While everyone should have adequate home insurance to cover them in the event of burglaries, making sure you aren’t inadvertently voiding your policy. Especially if you are away from home and sharing your trip on social media, some insurance companies will have a clause that stops you from being paid if they feel your postings on social media in some way contributed to your home being broken into. 

It is always worth checking your policy beforehand to ensure you aren’t falling foul of any rules. 

So how can you effectively protect your home? 

Security Systems

These days you can monitor your home in real-time thanks to smart cameras connected to your phone via an app. You can check who is calling at your home or coming onto your property thanks to doorbell cameras and motion sensor cameras inside your home and on your door can send an image or live feed of what or who has triggered it, allowing you to call the relevant authorities immediately. 

Traditional home security systems connect to a monitoring company that can call the relevant authorities in a break-in or emergency.

Fences and Gates

Making sure the fences and gates surrounding your property are secure and fit for purpose can help you add an extra layer around your property. 

If your fence is damaged or needs to put a new fence up around your property, call a local fence company to advise you on the best type of fence for your home to support your security efforts.


Add security lights to the rear wall of your home and fencing if applicable too. Motion sensor lights can alert you to intruders and provide a deterrent to anyone who is trying to enter your home uninvited. 

Close Windows and Doors

How often do you check every window before leaving the house? Add extra security by putting locks on your windows so they can be locked internally and harder to gain access from. 

Lock Your WiFi Network 

Your home internet connection is a gateway to your private and personal information. If someone gains access to your WiFi, they can see all of the data it holds on you, and if you have a smart home system, this can enable a way for them to gain access inside your property quickly. 

Some tips to secure your WiFi system include;

  • Secure the router
  • Enable WPA or WPA2 encryption 
  • Rename your network
  • Hide your network 
  • Install an antivirus 
  • Use a firewall
  • Create a strong password
  • Change your password regularly 

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Avoid keeping a display of all your goods on show in main rooms in your home. If you are close to a busy road or your property isn’t hidden or secured externally, people can come up to your window and look at what you own. 

Consider window coverings or closing blinds when away from home to provide extra layers of security from prying eyes. 

Have a secure location within your home. Make sure to hide things away when not in use. For example, avoid leaving laptops or gaming consoles in plain sight or within easy access if someone gains entry. Leave valuables under the bed or in locked cupboards etc. 

Take Pictures 

If you are concerned about a spate of burglaries in your local area, taking pictures of what you own can be helpful if you need to inform the police or your insurance company. Take various angles, including any details or information such as an IMEN number on your phone or model of laptop. Do the same for jewellery, and then email the images to yourself or store them in a secure location such as Dropbox or Google cloud for easy access if you cannot access your phone. 

Use Physical Deterrents

Place shrubbery under windows or heavy to move ornaments in areas where someone could quickly gain access. You can buy deterrent strips for the tops of fences to stop people from climbing over or lighting for darker areas that can benefit from a motion sensor. The harder it is to gain access and the noisier it will be, the less likely they will try and break in due to the increased risk of being seen or caught. 

Use Home Automation

Home automation is using a smart network of tech to turn your home into a smart one. A smart home allows you to automate different parts of your home, such as;

  • Turn the lights on and off via an app to set a schedule
  • Use ring doorbells to scare off people who shouldn’t be there
  • Check on breaches of windows or doors or motion sensors within the home.
  • Lock windows and doors to add an extra layer of security  when away from home
  • Automatic blinds can open and close to give the impression someone is home
  • appliances can be turned on and off automatically, such as TVs
  • Heating and cooling can be adjusted if you are away unexpectedly

Hooking up smart tech around your home can help you automate many different things to boost your security features and help you stay safe.

When it comes to home security, you can never be too safe. As technology advances, integrating it into already effective security measures can give them an added peace of id whether they are at home or away.


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