Blogtober20 Day 17 Saturday Night

Have you got that Whigfield song now in your head! Did you know the dance?

It reminds me of the summer before I met Asa when I was on a holiday in Spain, it was playing everywhere!

Saturday Nights when I was younger was either going out for the night or working in the local pub, and then going out to a nightclub at 11 when I finished, these days however, my Saturday Nights are more likely to be sitting down with all the family to watch a movie.


Parenthood isn’t just about ticking all the boxes- making sure all the homework’s done and you’re packing your kids healthy meals. It also means establishing a healthy relationship with your little one, and if that means taking a break and sitting down and chilling as a family, there’s nothing beautiful than it.

Time to grab some popcorn, log into Netflix, Disney + or grab the dvd and have a movie night with your kid!

Frozen 1 and 2


Frozen is on top of the list and for many good reasons. This heartfelt story revolves around two princesses and teaches children about how it is important to express and embrace your emotions instead of bottling them up, and once that adventure is finished then settle down for part 2.

The Harry Potter Series


This one definitely won’t come as a surprise- the Harry Potter movies are enchanting, mesmerising and downright magic! While the stories are a whole load of fantasy, they reveal two important, valuable facts- love is the most powerful magic in the world, and that the good always triumphs over evil.

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory


You probably knew this one was coming. Finding Nemo is a beautiful tale of a father and son with lessons about friendship, taking risks and learning to let go of children and allowing them to explore and identify their strengths and take care of themselves, and then you can continue this amazing story of friendship and love with Finding Dory, just keep swimming.

How to Train your Dragon Collection


How to Train your Dragon is another animated movie your kids shouldn’t miss. Contrary to the title, it isn’t just about teaching your pet dragon tricks. It in fact, helps you and your kids understand how self acceptance is important, and how you should be compassionate to everyone, even your enemies, and there are 3 movies to watch!



Finding joy in little things in life, being friends with animals, not trusting everything you hear and finding your passion and hobby and spending more time doing it are just a few lessons this magical Disney movie has to offer. And yes, never ever give up!



Most Disney movies are believed to revolve around the same story- finding love, but Moana’s a bit different. This movie has so much to teach you, but most importantly, it teaches you how important it is to follow your heart and face your fears.

My Neighbour Totoro


My Neighbour Totoro is a unique, one of a kind story that isn’t just for kids, but is something you’ll enjoy watching too. The movie has so many valuable and insightful lessons to offer that you’ll want to watch it again and again just to soak in.



Up is another cute animated movie you can watch along with your kids, especially if you’re going through midlife crisis or are afraid to pursue your dreams. The movie teaches you to never lose hope, and that adventure is always out there, and you can still achieve your dreams no matter how old you are.

Do you have any more to add to the list that you consider one of the best Family Movies to Watch ?


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  1. I did know the dance to Saturday Night. hehehe
    We love these films.
    I prefer the first Frozen film to the new one and I love all the Harry Potter films. I can watch them again and again. x


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