7 Useful Hacks Parents Can Try To Organise Their Kids Bedroom

As a parent, you probably know how much stuff your kids have. Chances are, they probably have mountains of toys, plush animals, and not to mention clothes piling up left and right.

It doesn’t take long for things to turn out into a huge mess.

So, if you’re trying to organise their bedroom (or at least try to keep it organised), you need a solid plan to keep the space as organised as possible.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the six handy organising hacks that you can use:

Work with your kids

Before re-organising their room, you should have a little chat with them. That’s because you must work together as a team, and to start it, you need to communicate and be a team player.

You’ll even be surprised that even kids as young as three years old want to get involved. More so, if you involve them in the organising process, the more they’ll feel ownership of the project and keep things tidy and organised.

So, involve your child from the very beginning. After all, your child will be the one who’s going to “live” in the bedroom.

Here are some questions that you might want to ask:

  • What do you want your bedroom to look like?
  • Is there a particular theme you want?
  • What colour do you want your room to be?
  • What’s the easiest thing that you need to do to keep your room clean and organised?

Use memory boxes

Sorting through their stuff, you’ll often find little things that kids hold on to as memories.

So, why not use memory boxes, telling them they can keep whatever they want in the box? These boxes can be a perfect space for the art, photos, or gifts they’ve gotten from friends and family.

Add drawers under the bed

If you’re working around a small bedroom, you can solve this problem by picking your kids’ furniture that can serve as double storage.

So, for small bedrooms, beds often take up a lot of space, and the result is that it can make the room feel cramped.

Fortunately, plenty of beds in the market serve as dual-purpose, allowing you to maximize the room space.

Have plenty of storage solutions that work well with kids

When it comes to organising your kids’ bedrooms, storage solutions are king. 

The thing is, the less organised a kid’s bedroom is, the messier it becomes.

Think about it this way- when a child wants to look for a specific toy from the pile, the more likely they’ll dump everything out from the toy box to find it. After finding the toy, they’ll likely leave the other ones in a huge, messy pile!

At Maid Sailors (maid service austin) we often tell our clients with kids to organise toys into smaller groups and use various small containers. Use clear plastic containers of different sizes, and choose those with lids. Then, try labelling every container clearly.

If your kids can’t read yet, you might consider using pictures or icons that indicate which specific item goes where.

Donate and sell

Of course, you have the option to purchase more containers and find a space for them. Or, you can also help your child decide whether or not they want to let certain things go by donating them to charity or selling them.

You can use the following strategies:

  • Tell them that getting rid of the things they don’t play with anymore makes it easier to keep their room clean and organised.
  • It would help to tell them that accumulating toys, dresses, and other things won’t leave any space for new ones.
  • Explain to them that all toys deserve to be loved. Therefore, giving up things that they’re not crazy about gives the toy a chance to find a new owner.

Pick kid-friendly furniture

While fluffy pillows, bed canopies, and billowing curtains look like it comes straight out of a magazine from a room of some celebrity’s kid, these aren’t practical for average kids.

So, rather than choosing adult-sized furniture or decor, pick those that have kid-friendly surfaces instead. All your efforts to organise your kids’ room will be in vain if everything looks torn up over time.

Pick furniture and textures that are washable so that it can withstand all the rough, tumbles, and crafts.

Store things within kids height

Make sure that you inspect your kids’ play area from their point of view.

If you are using storage cabinets, boxes, or displays, you’ll need to put your kid’s favourite items on an easily accessible location or shelves.

Store things that most likely need your supervision on the upper shelves, such as paint or a craft set. Finally, place open see-through storage that can accommodate smaller toys to not clutter on the floor.

Final Thoughts

Organising your kids’ bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these tips, you’ll say goodbye to all the frustration from cleaning your kids’ bedroom.









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