7 Great Tips for Choosing a Functional and Modern Design for Your Family Home

If you have the opportunity to build a custom family home, you’re one of the lucky ones. This venture gives you the chance to adapt the space to your family needs and include all the dream features you always had in mind. However, designing something beautiful, functional and modern is not an easy task! If you need some help, here are a few great tips that will ensure you end up with something you’ll love for a very long time.

Make it fun

This might be a weird way to start your planning process, but it’s very important, especially in today’s climate. So many family homes you can see today are modern and durable, but very boring. Family is all about fun, happiness and joy, so why not include it into your design? If you’re building your forever home, don’t be too concerned about what the potential purchasers might want, but think about what you want. In most cases, if you design a home that’s liveable, suits your family and your family’s needs, there’s a great chance future buyers will love it too.

Family home

Plan for the future

Building a custom home allows you to include all your lifestyle needs of today, but that’s not where the story ends. Best designs also think about the future and they accommodate the needs you might have in a few years. For instance, if you’re planning to expand your family and have multiple generations living in the house, you might want to consider adding a separate suite with a separate entrance for added privacy.

If you’re planning to surprise your kids with a pet, it’s good to consider some pet-friendly features like built-in pet showers and practical feeding stations. No matter what your plans for the future are, you must think of them today and include them into your house design, otherwise, get ready to move in a few years.

Explore different house plans

Be honest about the square footage you need and can afford. Both small and cosy and big and breezy homes have their advantages. In order to choose a perfect design for your future home, you should find a good home builder and see their offer of exciting and functional house plans. Most have a huge range of homes to choose from in an easy and practical way. Use their design search filters that will take all your preferences in consideration (size, layout, number of bedrooms) and help you narrow your search.

Storage space is essential

If you have kids, you know they have a bunch of stuff, so plenty of storage is a must in every family home. And you don’t even have to choose between built-in storage and dedicated storage rooms—get both! A well-designed utility room or a boot room will come in very handy for washing and drying clothes as well as for other daily requirements. Ensure your room has access from the outside so you can just dump dirty boots and wet coats and leave dirty clothing in the washing. 

Design plenty of bathroom space

Every two bedrooms need to have access to one bathroom—that’s a fool-proof formula. Ideally, make sure your master bedroom has a private bathroom en suite. If you know your kids and the fuss they create in the morning, you might want to consider designing a space where every bedroom gets its own bathroom. Consider this during the early stages of planning!

Study and playroom need to have a spot in your house

You probably need a study or a home office, but once kids start school, they will also need a quiet place for homework. A good idea is to design a playroom attached to your study or living area. As kids grow, your playroom can transform into a study space.

Don’t forget about the adult space

Most parents try to design a space perfect for kids, but don’t neglect your own needs. A snug space with a fireplace, loungers and coffee table or a bar will provide you with many a romantic evening. For that modern feel, opt for bold colours and tactile materials. 

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll get the results of your dreams. Consider your needs and aesthetic preferences, and you’ll have a modern, practical and cosy space you can call home.


About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid freelance writer with a focus in home improvement, interior design, family life, and sustainable living.

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