7 Daily Uses For A Mop Around Your Home

A mop is your best friend when your home is messy and in need of cleaning. Mopping daily is a common practice for clean households. Even when you’ve taken every precaution to keep your floors clean, dirt and dust will find a way to settle in.

Here are some daily uses for a mop you can practice to keep your home well maintained and clean.

7 Daily Uses for a Mop Around Your Home

While mops are great tools for keeping your floors clean, there are some other uses for them, too. If you’ve used your mop for a long time, you’ve probably done some of the things listed down. Just remember, before using your mop you should make sure that it is clean.

Mopping the High-Traffic Areas Around Your Home

The basic thing to do with your mop is to use it to clean high-traffic areas in your house. Usually, these are your kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and entryways. Basically, any part of your home that your family goes to most of the time. You should mop these areas weekly or daily.

You can get away with mopping every other week in the areas where your family doesn’t frequent much. A spin mop head can make your life easier as it cleans large floors with ease thanks to its automated spinning action. Make sure you know how to wash a spin mop head before you use it. 

Clean and Disinfect Toilets and the Surrounding Area

Toilets can get dirty real quick if left unchecked. Keeping it clean should be your priority. Toilets can house a lot of harmful bacteria’s which can transfer to your family. That’s why you should  mop the toilet floor and the toilet itself weekly if not daily.

Yes, you can actually use a mop to clean your toilet. However, you’ll need a specific type of mop to effectively clean it and that’s the steam cleaner. A steam cleaner works great and is easy to use. The high temperature from the pressurised steam breaks down dirt and limescale. It also kills 99.9% of germs without ever using chemicals. 

Cleaning Your Windows

If you have a hard time reaching windows then you can use a mop to clean them. Mops also work with sliding doors. While you can also use a steam cleaner for better removal of grime, you have to make sure that you don’t use it on cold glass or the steam may cause it to crack.


Cleaning Ice & Water Dispenser

Surprisingly, an ice and water dispenser can house a lot of dirt and grime. You probably mostly never gave a thought about it since you would assume that water will wash away the dirt. The dirt can house inside the faucet or around where the ice door opens up to drop ice.

We never bother to look inside it which is why it probably has a lot of dirt inside. You can use a clean steam cleaner to clean up the inside and use the steam to reach small areas of the water dispenser.

Cleaning Your Carpets, Rugs, and Mattress

You can also clean carpets, rugs, and even mattresses using a mop. You would want to use a microfiber map to give you the best result. Washing your carpet, rugs, and mattress can be a long task, and cleaning them with a mop will help prolong the time it will take for you to do a major cleaning on them.

Cleaning Uneven Surface on Your Home

You can actually effectively clean uneven surfaces on your home using a mop. A sponge mop is great for cleaning uneven surfaces and you don’t have to manually wring out the water.

However, they require extra maintenance as sponge can house bacteria. You can replace the mop heads, though. If ever you notice the sponge changing colour or a distinct odour, then it’s time to change it.

Mops, plastic bucket and rubber gloves, isolated on white

Clean Your Mop After Every Use

After doing your daily mopping, it’s always necessary to clean the mop itself. These are some simple steps you can follow to properly clean your mop.

  • Rinse the mop thoroughly after every use
  • Wash the mop by following its cleaning directions
  • Dry off the mop completely
  • Store the mop in a cool and dry place
  • If the mop head is becoming ineffective or hard to clean, replace it


These are just some of the things you can do with your mop around your home. Mops are great cleaning tools and can be useful for cleaning almost anything. Make sure you check if it’s safe to use a mop for something you want to clean because it might not be effective.

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