7 Creative Themes for Your Child’s Birthday

For most children, their birthday party is one of the biggest highlights of their entire year…

I remember as a child, I absolutely loved Barney – so much so that my mom bought a Barney cake pan because that is how many times I requested a Barney themed birthday party. But, that was what made me happy – it made me feel special and represented what I loved most at the time. While it might not be Barney for your child, Sleeping Beauty, Transformers, or even Dirt Bikes might be their passion and their birthday is the perfect time to not only make it a day all about them but all about what they love as well.

But, what about if your child is unsure about what they would like the theme of their next birthday party to be?

Maybe they don’t have a character or toy they are truly crazy about…

Or, maybe they have just worn it out already and are fresh out of new ideas.

Not to fear – these creative themes for your child’s birthday are sure to spruce things up and be just what you both are looking for:

1. The Wise Old Owl

Owls have remained a hot topic for the past few years – coming a variety of colors with a variety of cute, little faces, owls are the perfect cuddly critter to be the highlight of your child’s birthday.

From owl cupcake toppers to an owl piñata, finding the accents for your child’s birthday should be pretty simple. As far as the rest of the décor goes, simply incorporate colors found on the owl décor you use.

For example, if you have a daughter who is crazy about pink, grab all the pink owls you can find – most will come with different hues of pink – then pull one hue from the décor to be the main color scheme.

2. Vintage Party

Is your child an 80’s baby at heart? Or, maybe their passion falls in another generation.

Either way, do you find them loving games and books you used to love as a child? Some children have a true passion for all things vintage.

A vintage party is a great way to save some money, show your child – and other children – the appreciation that should be had for older and valuable items, and appreciate some things from “the good ole days.”

Grab a few vintage board games, either from your box of childhood items or from a resale shop, some vintage books and a vintage chair for the birthday child.

This party theme is both creative and affordable!

3. Mad Science Party

Do you have the next rocket scientist on your hands?

I know as a child I loved making some kind of goo in the kitchen by mixing odd things together than only my mom would know what they were. There is something so satisfying about making your own toy.

Grab a few little white lab coats and some safety goggles and let the kids go to town in the kitchen!

Using a few recipes for homemade volcanoes or goo, you can offer the children hours of fun with only a few supplies needed.

Although, if you are not one who enjoys cleaning, this might not be the best party option for you.

4. Creepy Crawly Bug Party

So, maybe you don’t have the next rocket scientist but you have the next entomologist.

For the creepy crawly bug party, you can encourage kids to get engaged with the outdoors:

Decorate using plastic bugs and offer bug catchers as party favors – the kids can spend hours outside putting them to use as the party activity.

5. Ladybug Party

For the simpler child, just a themed birthday party with their favorite bug should do.

A ladybug party makes for a cute color scheme and easy décor! Try decorating with red roses and black and red macaroons.

6. Art Party

Does your child spend all their pastime with water colors and a paintbrush in hand?

Not only do art parties give the children an activity to do for hours, they can create masterpieces that they can take home to their parents and families.

7. Up, Up, and Away

The sky is a mysterious place – one that is fascinating for children as they see huge planes flying by.

Decorate with balloons, hot air balloons, and/or planes to intrigue the children with the fact that there are methods of transportation way up in the clouds.

A great activity for the kids could be flying a kite in the backyard on a sunny afternoon!

Whatever it is that will grab your child’s attention, there is probably a birthday party theme idea that will match it.

From bugs to a little mad scientist – your child’s birthday party theme can transport them to a world all their own.

What are some creative birthday party themes you have done for your child?


I’m Annabelle Short, a seamstress of more than 5 years. I love making crafts with my two children, Leo (age 9) and Michelle (age 11). I split my time between London and Los Angeles and write for Wunderlabel. You can visit me at https://www.facebook.com/wunderlabel.co.uk/ to learn more about me and my handmade creations

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