6 Things to Do When You’re Locked Out of Your House

Getting yourself locked out of your house is incredibly frustrating. Maybe you’re in a hurry to change clothes before an important event or you need to collect your stuff before a trip. Or even worse – maybe your kids are stuck inside the house. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to solve this problem more quickly.

1. Try to Find Unlocked Windows

Of course, you always make sure you close all the windows when you leave home but there’s a small chance you forgot one of them that morning. It would be a great entry point into your home, so if you find one, just remove the screen, lift the window up and climb through. Just mind the furniture on the other side of the window as you enter and make sure you don’t fall down as you’ll be slightly off-balance.

Besides the windows, the garage can provide access to the house. Even if it’s sealed, maybe you can find a way to open it. Alternatively, you can open it remotely if your car keys are with you and you have the clicker inside the car.

2. Ask for a Neighbour’s Help

You probably won’t succeed in entering your home if you don’t have a proper set of tools or a lock pick. That’s why you need to look for help in the neighbourhood. The chances are one of your neighbours will have the proper equipment. At the very least, they will have a ladder, a bobby pin or a screwdriver. Sometimes, even a wire coat hanger can be used to finagle a lock, with a bit of luck.

3. Use a Credit Card

This method will work only on spring bolts, which are found in standard doorknobs. First, choose a credit card you won’t mind breaking. Push it between the door and the frame (the spot where the latch is). Hold the card vertically to the door, pushing it and wiggling it. While you’re pushing, bend the card away from the doorknob to slide the latch back. Use your weight against the door at the same time.

4. Call a Locksmith

Sometimes this unfortunate event happens when you least need it. Maybe you’re in a big hurry and there’s no one around you to help you. Or you’re just not skilful enough to pick the lock without ruining it completely. It’s better to have a number of a 24 hour locksmith service who will be able to come as soon as you call them. No fuss, no stress.

5. Remove the Doorknob

Alternatively, you could remove the doorknob and enter your home, just as long there’s no deadbolt in use. You’ll see a pin-sized hole on the doorknob – it’s usually placed to the side or below the doorknob. Use a paper clip or a straightened bobby pin (any kind of a thin piece of metal, for that matter) and insert it into the whole. Start pressing the item despite feeling resistance. Keep pushing with one hand while pulling and twisting the knob with your other hand. Keep doing it until the doorknob loosens up. The final thing is to remove the decorative metal plate to get to the lockset. Using the same bobby pin, or a screwdriver, pull back on the mechanism. The door should unlock at that point.

6. Break into Your Home

As the last resort, smash a window or kick down the door to get in. Do this only in case of an emergency, like a crying child or a baby inside or food left to boil on the stove.

Final Comment

Once you’ve dealt with the situation successfully, take some precautionary steps that will prevent you from finding yourself in the same situation again. It will save you the time and money.

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