6 Easy Ways to Add a Modern Twist to Your Classic Kitchen

A classic kitchen style can be a wonderful idea, as its simplistic and timeless nature makes for the perfect compromise between functionality and good design. However, such classic decor can quickly become too lifeless and monotonous, leaving you longing for a more contemporary kitchen that will inspire with its updated design, while still providing a functional and versatile space to fulfil your daily needs. If you’re on the lookout for some remodelling ideas that will allow you to effortlessly upgrade your classic style, here are some of the easiest ways you can add a modern twist to your current kitchen design:

Repaint your old cabinets

While new cabinetry might make the biggest impact in your space, even a simple touch-up can help to refresh your kitchen, and give it a sleeker, more modern look. One inexpensive way to achieve this is by applying a fresh coat of paint to your existing cabinets. If your cabinets have a more natural, wooden colour, try painting them in a white or cream shade for a contemporary appeal. In case you already have while flooring and lighter hues throughout your kitchen, you could also consider painting your cabinets black or dark grey to achieve an impactful contrast, or even add a pop of colour through a bold, bright shade.

Change up your countertops

Even though countertops might generally be a larger investment, just by changing this one aspect of your kitchen, you will be able to completely transform the look of the entire room. For instance, a material like wood or laminate can give your kitchen a beautiful rustic charm, while quartz or marble countertops tend to make for a more elegant and sophisticated design. No matter which material you opt for, make sure that your countertops are functional and easy to maintain, apart from complementing the existing decor, for the best possible results.

Invest in new appliances

No kitchen upgrade can be complete without some new, updated appliances that will make everyday cooking an easier and more pleasurable experience. For that reason, it would be a wonderful idea to invest in some high-quality appliances such as an efficient wok burner that will make daily meal preparation a breeze. This appliance can be effortlessly installed in any area of your kitchen, according to functionality and convenience, while providing you with higher temperatures and speeds compared to regular stoves, thus allowing you to make fresh, hearty meals in an instant.

Replace the current backsplash

If you’re up for a more demanding task, changing your current backsplash might also be a good idea, as it’s among the most prominent and noticeable aspects of any kitchen. Thanks to its eye-catching textures and colours, your backsplash could even be the first thing that grabs attention when you enter the kitchen, apart from serving the important role of protecting your walls. To that end, you might want to invest in a new backsplash that will help to modernize the appearance of your kitchen, from a sleek painted glass backsplash to contemporary hexagonal tiles, or even an option that perfectly matches your countertops, for a more cohesive design.

Select new light fixtures

Although often overlooked, light fixtures are an essential aspect of any room, not only when it comes to providing adequate lighting that allows you to successfully complete your tasks, but also for keeping your place looking fresh and modern. So, consider replacing your older, vintage fixtures that often accompany classic kitchens with a more contemporary design, for a quick and inexpensive upgrade. It’s recommended to select lighting options in geometric shapes, such as orbs and cubes, and go for metallic materials like silver, gold, or brass, in an effort to modernize your kitchen, while still complementing its classic style.

Consider new flooring solutions

New flooring might be among the more expensive and time-consuming upgrades, but it is also an easy fix that will instantly transform the look of your kitchen, without the need for any additional changes. For instance, white marble tiles can be a wonderful option for achieving a cleaner and sleeker design, while dark hardwood flooring can add an air of sophistication and refinement to the existing classic style. As long as you have the budget for this update, new flooring that perfectly matches the overall decor of your space could be that one detail you’re missing when creating a more modern kitchen.

Evidently, redesigning and modernizing your kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be an overly costly and demanding task. All you have to do is make some smart and intentional decor changes by following the helpful guide mentioned above.

About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid blogging enthusiast and experienced freelance writer. He’s a regular contributor to numerous online publications, where he writes about lifestyle, travel, home improvement, family, and green living.

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  • Rachel

    April 22, 2021 at 12:23 pm

    Totally agree with painting the cabinets, i did mine and it’s made such a huge difference. I would like to update my appliances now too as I think they are the thing dating it now.

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