5 Ways to Organise your Clothes and Make Space in your Closet

A well-organised closet means more space, not to mention that it could be hard to find anything out of place. The hard part is finding the time between busy schedules and house chores to clean your wardrobes and lockers. It could also be that you don’t know how to go about redesigning your living space or choosing closet colours.

Depending on your type of closet arrangement, there are many things you can do to create more room for light and ventilation. Some of them include

Arrange Clothes by Category

What this means is that all your clothes should be organised according to type. There should be a section for your tops, and another for your pants. Sleeves and suits could be hung on a hanger, while your tees, jeans, and briefs, could be folded neatly in a pile. The aim is to be able to know where each of your fashion pieces is at all times.

Men accessories in closet drawer

Clean Out Your Closet

The first thing is to clean out your closet and sort out what you will be keeping and what’s going in the trash or recycled. You can repurpose your old garments and shoes. If you have nothing to give away or dispose of, get everything out and clean the inside of the wardrobe or locker. By so doing, it becomes easy for you to determine how you want to design your locker space.

Clothes hang on a shelf in a wardrobe. Concept warm clothing.

Keep Undergarments in a Drawer

Your undergarments such as panties, briefs, and socks, should be kept in a drawer. A divider could be added to make things more organised and aesthetically pleasing. Using a drawer for delicate wear is a great way to prevent them from exposure to germs in the air like when they are on a shelf.

Use a Rack for Shoes

Keeping your shoes locked inside the wardrobe is a quick way to ruin them. Less exposure to light and air encourages mould growth, which is why it is always best to keep your shoes out of a closet. A shoe rack is the safest way to improve the lifespan of your footwear. They help to keep them elevated off the ground and also help with the design.

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Keep Most Used Clothes Nearby

If you have to keep some clothes in storage boxes, make sure they are the ones you wear on occasions. Regular clothes that are worn often should be kept at eye level where they can easily be accessed.

Organise your Jewellery and Accessories

The most natural things to get missing in a clustered closet are your jewellery and accessories. It is best to make space for them in the design of your wardrobe. You have the option of hanging them up on an open space or holding it in a drawer. Whichever way you choose; it helps if they are correctly secured.

You can try many other things when it comes to making room in your wardrobe. Remember to take out the things that are not needed to create space and be open to a redesign to give your room a new look.

Author Bio: Donald Giddings is founder and editor in chief at Green Living Zone. A lifelong sustainability enthusiast, Donald is always looking for the best way to live in harmony with nature.  When he is not trying out new eco-friendly recipes, he writes engaging content about green, sustainable ways to maintain your home, body, and soul, readily sharing his abundant experience with other green living aficionados.




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