5 Tips to Staying Committed to Your Workout Routine

At some point, you’ve likely set working out as a new goal. While working out might sound great in theory, it can be a whole other struggle to actually get yourself to stay committed to accomplishing this goal! To help, we’ve compiled 5 effective tips to help you stay committed to your workout routine.

5 Tips to Staying Committed to Your Workout Routine

The idea of working out regularly seems exciting at first, until a few weeks into it. That’s when the pain and exhaustion really start to set in. Going from couch potato to fitness enthusiast takes work! Whether it’s exercising at the gym or your living room, consistently showing up is the hardest part. These 5 tips, when constantly done, will help fire up your momentum.

1. Get Appropriate Workout Clothes

If you’re not too keen about the workout itself, getting excited about another thing that’s related to it can be used as motivation to actually get it done. That one thing could be workout clothes. When you have highly supportive sports bras that are also stylish or cute leggings that have top-notch moisture wicking technology, it’s hard not to get excited dressing up in them and going to the gym.

2. Pick Something You Enjoy

Recently, various kinds of activities have gained popularity as a workout alternative to gym exercises. Cycling, zumba, boxing, and wall climbing are some unconventional types of activities that people do for the sake of fitness and fun.

You don’t have to stick to gym equipment to get a workout in. Pick an activity that gets your heart rate up and puts you in a good mood. Let that be the main part of your workout routine, so you don’t have to force yourself into doing it.

3. Pay in Advance

Merely scheduling a class is easy, and so is cancelling it last minute. When you’re not totally committed to it via an early payment, the temptation to not follow through will be easy to give in to. Paying in advance will give you a reason to go and not waste your hard-earned money.

It’s also a way to plan out your workout routine by setting certain days and times to allot for gym classes and your chosen workouts. When you pay for a class in advance, it’s more solidly set on your calendar. You might have to force yourself in the beginning, but once it’s done, you won’t regret getting that workout done.

4. Treat Yourself

Just as you set the days when you’re going to work out, you should also map out your rest days. These are the times when you should reward yourself for keeping a fitness lifestyle. Spending a day at the spa or having a day off where you do nothing are also ways to treat yourself. These rest days will allow your body to recover and keep you energized to get back to your workout routine.

5. Get a Workout Partner

At work, an accountability partner helps you stay consistent with achieving your goals. The same concept applies to a workout partner. Subjecting your body through strenuous activities is easier to handle when you have someone doing it with you.

Get a friend on board and achieve fitness goals together faster. You have someone to share the joys and aches of exercising as the intensity goes up, but don’t forget to get therapeutic massage balls and other tools to soothe muscles before or after workouts. If you can’t get someone to do it with you, getting a trainer or surrounding yourself with people that constantly encourages you will keep you going in times when you want to give up.


The things that hinder you most from achieving your workout goals are your attitude, habits, and mindset. Your physical capabilities can be improved, while your perspective towards working out takes more work. These tips will help you keep consistent with changing your lifestyle to incorporate your workout routine more regularly.

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