5 Tips To Choosing The Best Neighborhood To Move To In San Antonio, Texas

So, it appears that you have decided to set up your humble abode in San Antonio, Texas. However, we must tell you that you need to do your homework while choosing the best neighborhood to move to in San Antonio. The most important thing you should consider before moving in a neighborhood is to identify if it is safe for you and your family. After all, who wouldn’t want to have access to a tranquil and safe environment? Here are 5 tips on how to choose the best neighborhood to move to in San Antonio, Texas.

Tip 1: Basic Amenities

Is the neighborhood close to basic amenities such as strip malls, restaurants, and trendy bars? Are there places specifically built to cater to the needs and wants of children? Are there parks that allow you and your family to enjoy a quiet picnic outing? You need to make sure that your neighborhood is close to the aforementioned amenities to ensure a satisfying living experience.

Tip 2: Identify the crime rate in the neighborhood

It is well within your reach to access free police records to identify the crime rates of a particular neighborhood. The records will give you a general idea on the crime and safety details of a particular neighborhood. You will also know if the community actively joins hands in community policing and crime prevention. Numerous sites such as CrimeReports.com can help you with your research.

Tip 3: Check the neighborhood

Do you see acts of vandalism in the neighborhood? Is the neighborhood full of broken windows and paintings of gang graffiti? Are the windows on the neighborhood homes supported by bars and fences? Are there dangerous signs such as ¨Beware of the Dog¨ installed on the fences? What about the condition of the abodes and neighborhood in general? Are the people there unfriendly? Does the neighborhood boast of many abandoned buildings and houses? If you have answered all the aforementioned questions with a ¨Yes,¨ the neighborhood may not be suitable for you!

Tip 4: Make use of the National Sex Offender Public Site

Of course, if you have a family, you must give paramount importance to the safety of your children. You wouldn’t want any registered sex offender to live where you set up your abode. Therefore, it is imperative for you to know if the neighborhood accommodates registered sex offenders. How can you find out if it does? You can find out by using the national sex offender public site; the website also provides a picture of the offender. Therefore, the site is extremely helpful and useful if you have kids. You can even install the NSOPW app on your smartphone.

Tip 5: Security Check

Before moving to any neighborhood, the general rule of thumb implies that you should check if the residents in that particular neighborhood go through a thorough criminal background and credit check. While doing so, you should identify if the residents at the neighborhood boast of a high credit score. Doing this will let you know about the ¨class¨ of people that live in the neighborhood. Before moving into a neighborhood, you should also see if there are weird rules and regulations. There might be a peculiar two-dog limit rule or strange driving rules in the neighborhood.

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