5 reasons you should keep flowers at home

When we think of flowers, it’s safe to say that the first adjective that springs to mind is “beautiful” or “pretty”. They are one of nature’s most gorgeous expressions. Is beauty the only thing flowers have to offer us, though? The answer is a firm and confident no. Here we’ll provide you with 5 reasons to keep flowers in your home that will benefit you, your family members or anyone that you share a home with. So let’s get started.

1. Flowers improve your well- being

Many studies have been done on the subject of correlation between well-being and flowers or plants of any sort. Conclusions drawn from most of them show us that they make us more relaxed and serene. Also, they were shown to speed up the process of recovering from surgery in medical patients. This first reason alone should at least make us think again about our superficial appreciation of flowers.

2. Flowers make you more productive

Working from home? Mental fatigue catches up to you quickly when working on a task? Then surround yourself with flowers! Through study, it has been found that being in the presence of plants, or having a view of nature makes you more productive in completing any task, while also leaving you with more mental energy afterward. Your mental dexterity and mental processing improve when plants are in the room. The reaction time of a person in the presence of a plant has been shown to be 12% faster. That is not an insignificant percentage. The faster you move and react, the more work you can do in a shorter period of time.

3. Flowers cleanse the air

If you have just moved in or are planning to buy a house than you should definitely consider having flowers. Apart from being a great decoration they also tend to clean the air. Your health depends largely on the air you breathe. We all have to breathe, so we can at least make sure that the air we breathe is as clean as possible. Flowers will help you accomplish that. They raise humidity levels to those healthier for your organism. Flowers will also reduce the number of pollutants in the air, making your environment safer, and healthier. Dust is a common threat to human health, especially the health of our lungs. Well, flowers reduce the amount of dust accumulation, so that’s another point for them. A more strange effect of plants in your environment has been found in the research of acoustics. It has been shown that they can diffract, reflect or absorb sounds, all depending on the frequency. In certain situations, they have been shown to reduce noise. In rooms with hard surfaces, they work the best at reducing sounds of high frequencies.

4. Flowers reduce stress

There aren’t many dangers worse than stress that the modern person has to face. It affects our well-being, our thinking, our mental health, our emotional health and has been correlated with the development of many diseases, cancer is the worst of them. However, we are a species known for solving problems of any kind and stress isn’t the exception. Flowers are one of the ways of reducing stress significantly. A study has shown that only being in the presence of flowers or plants provides you with a calming response, making your stress levels lower as a result.

5. Flowers improve your thinking

A foggy mind is not an efficient mind. Simply having flowers inside your home, has been found to increase creativity and cognitive ability. If you’re having trouble with remembering important things, they will aid you in that as well, since they also significantly boost your memory. If you’re a student at any level of education, flowers can help you in concentrating on learning, which makes the absorption of information faster.

Extra reason: They are beautiful

It was impossible to not add this as a reason. They truly are beautiful. From orchids and roses to tulips and dandelions, flowers have a wide variety of colours and shapes that are pleasing to the eye. Most of the reasons mentioned above stem directly from the beauty we perceive in them.

Hopefully, we have provided some clarity and useful reasons to have flowers at home. We should also remember to keep our environment green, natural and clean because humans thrive in such environments within any parameters you can think of. Our physical, mental and emotional health all improve when we’re surrounded by flowers.

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  • Kim Carberry

    July 2, 2019 at 6:38 pm

    I love having fresh flowers in our house. They always put me in such a good mood.

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