5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Moving To Tennessee

According to recent surveys, Tennessee is one of the most populous states in the nation, with a growth rate of almost 1 per cent. With a temperate climate, low cost of living, and vibrant locals, it is no wonder many people are considering moving to this state.

Tennessee has a world-class dining vibe, famous mountain ranges, and cities teeming with dynamic and diverse energy – this state has everything you could ever want. Each year, stacks of students, professionals, and older folks move here and find exciting cities to call their homes.

Below are five perfect reasons why everyone is looking to put down roots in this impressive state:

  1. Great Healthcare

If you have a loving family, there is a good chance that excellent healthcare is a non-negotiable for you. Tennessee is home to multiple top-notch healthcare facilities and hospitals throughout the state.

Some of the world’s best healthcare professionals live in this state, and some of the best hospitals can be found on your doorstep. Some of the most noteworthy facilities in Tennessee include the Vanderbilt University Medical Center and St. Thomas Hospital West.

  • Thriving Job Market

Low property taxes and no state income tax are two of the biggest reasons for the booming Tennessee job market. Known as the Volunteer State, the low cost of living affords its residents a cost-of-living index score – which is well below the national average. People who live here have more time to read and enjoy life than any other state.

The thriving economy gives way to numerous large companies, that means that finding a job here is no arduous task. Music City has been rated as the second-hottest job market in the entire country. Large companies that are located here include FedEx, Cracker Barrel, and Dollar General – among others.

  • Excellent Schools

One of the most common reasons for families to move to this state is the schooling and university system. You will have no problem finding a great school for your children, and one that is highly regarded for its exemplary educational opportunities.

Finding a great school district should be one of your top priorities when house hunting in the area. Tennessee real estate is a thriving market, with homes for every style and budget.

  • Low Tax Burden

Tennessee is one of the rare states that offer no state income taxes or property taxes to some degree. Property taxes are locally determined and collected, which means it all depends on where you choose to buy a house.

This glorious state also offers a wide variety of tax credits, aimed at new or expanding businesses. With everything done in the name of improving the quality of life for its residents and keeping the economy going strong – Tennessee is a great investment choice for entrepreneurs of all ages.

  • Outdoor Exploration

Last but not least – Tennessee is filled with opportunities to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. If you like hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor adventures – this is the state for you.

The climate plays into your hands, and although it varies depending on where you are, it is generally pleasant and mild overall. You won’t find a better place to call home.

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