5 Great holiday decorating trends for 2017

Yet another year is about to come to a close and that means that it is the season to decorate your home for the holidays. Many love this time of year as it means that you get to enjoy time with friends and family while partaking in delicious food and drink. While the holidays are a joyous time of year, there is a great deal of preparations that need to take place before any celebrating can occur. Presents need to be purchased, the home needs to be decorated, and a buffet of food and desserts must be made in order to have a great holiday. To help you in your decoration planning, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular decorating trends in 2017.

  1. Christmas light projectors. Do not be the only home in your neighborhood without a light projector that projects shapes or festive sayings on to your home or yard. Some projectors offer a variety of patterns to choose from so your decor will look different every night. Other projectors provide few options and only have one or two features. These projectors are a great hit among the young and old as they make your home appear more festive than a few strands of lights can provide. To find the best model for your home, be sure to check out this christmas light projectors list.
  2. Blow up characters. If you have small children living in your home, you will want to invest in a variety of blow up characters. Whether it is Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or Charlie Brown, there are a number of highly popular characters that are available in blow up form that can add some fun to the decoration tradition. Some families have become so enamored in the idea of setting up blow up characters in their front yard for the holidays that manufacturers are now making them for Halloween and Thanksgiving instead of just Christmas.
  3. Handmade ornaments. If you are a Hallmark ornament collector, you can still continue with this tradition but the new trend is to make ornaments at home. Perhaps merge the Hallmark ornaments with homemade ones for an extra personal touch. Not to mention, making homemade ornaments with your family members can lend itself to some great memories.
  4. Lights on timers. With the interest in cutting back on using energy in an effort to help the environment, many manufacturers are offering their lights with a timer. You can also buy a timer separately if you do not want to reinvest in new lights just to get a timer. The timer is helpful as you can set it for a specific time to turn off the lights. There is no reason to light up the entire street throughout the entire night so why not save some energy and cut the lights around 10 or 11 at night when most go to bed anyhow?
  5. Coordinating gift wrap. When wrapping presents to put under the tree or give to family members, many are doing so in a coordinated effort. This means that perhaps every person in the family has their own specific wrapping paper. Or perhaps the bows, ribbons, tape, and paper all follow the same theme. Whatever you choose to do, a great trend is now coordinating your gift wrap in a way that makes your gifts stand out in the sea of presents under the tree.

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