5 Construction Equipment That Is Suited For Your Home Renovation

Home construction is something most of us dread to do because number one, it’s costly, and number 2, it takes some time to finish. While it can cost us a lot of money, there’s no doubt that we need to do home construction from time to time, especially if the house we’ve been living at is already some years old or if there’s something we want to add to our property to make it more convenient and comfortable for the family.

In most cases, we hire construction workers and carpenters for construction needs because we trust professionals when it comes to things like this. However, having ready-to-use construction equipment is also helpful, especially when you live in a household that does a lot of home remodeling and renovations from time to time.

If you’re looking to invest in heavy-duty construction equipment, we have here some of the most reliable equipment that you can use for everyday construction.

Mini Excavator

You’ve probably heard of excavators a lot of times if you’re into construction, and it’s because excavators are one of the most commonly used heavy-duty machines for buildings, foundations, and other industrial construction jobs.

A mini excavator is great to use for leveling, drilling, grading, digging, trenching, and backfilling. It’s a handy machine because it does heavy-duty tasks for you.

Here are some of the construction projects with a mini excavator:

Installing pools and ponds

  • Plowing snow
  • Repairing sewer lines
  • Grading land
  • Digging holes on the ground
  • Taking down small structures
  • Lifting heavy materials
  • Making small trenches


A backhoe extension is almost like an excavator. If you need a heavy-duty machine for digging and moving, you might need this one. It’s also one of the most versatile machines for construction because you can use it for different kinds of tasks that are helpful for several construction tasks.

A backhoe extension can perform multiple tasks depending on the type of attachment you will use with it. If you’re on a budget and you need a multifunction machine for regular construction at your house, then it’s best to get this bad boy. It performs well on closed-space construction sites, which is suitable for home use given the fact that it’s a smaller scale project compared to large-scale projects like buildings.

Here are some of the tasks you can do with a backhoe extension:

  • Trench-digging
  • Moving rubbles on construction site
  • Surface leveling
  • Heavy-duty digging

Dump Trucks

No matter how big or small your construction is, you will need a heavy-duty vehicle to carry heavy materials around. Sometimes, a regular sedan is not fit to load and transport construction materials, so if you need a vehicle to move materials and other heavy equipment with ease, a dump truck is essential.

Aside from the common construction materials, you need to transport; there will also be times when you need to carry loose materials in large volumes, such as sand, gravel, and other similar materials used for construction.

Other uses for dump trucks:

Transporting of waste

Loading of furniture

Crawler Crane

Having a machine for lifting heavy materials and reaching taller heights is essential even for home construction projects. A crawler crane can be convenient, especially when you need to lift or bring heavy materials to a great height. The crawler crane is also a better option for small-scale construction as it works well on uneven ground, which can be expected in minor construction.

If you are planning to build a two-story house or more, then you need a crawler crane to finish the job.

Uses for crawler cranes:


Debris removal

Heavy lifting

Cargo loading

One Bagger Concrete Mixer

Mixing concrete is something you can manually do, but it will take time to get the perfect mix at the cost of back pains. Sometimes it won’t even come out as evenly as intended. A concrete mixer is crucial to ensure that water, cement, sand, and gravel are mixed thoroughly and evenly to make concrete.

Aside from its time-saving advantage, a concrete mixer also saves money. If you want healthy concrete, then investing in a one-bagger concrete mixer is a must.


You may think that investing in several construction tools and equipment can be heavy on the pocket, but it helps you save money in the long run. In seasons that you don’t use the equipment, you can put them up for rent.

Having construction equipment ready at your disposal is time-saving and very convenient if you have many home construction projects. You can quickly build and take down a structure if the need arises for it. You also have to make sure that you take proper maintenance of your equipment to stay functioning for a long time.

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