4 Tips to Extend the Life of Your AC

How far will it go before you stop prolonging the inevitable? Homeowners will have to deal with their HVAC systems eventually. If you’re not closely monitoring it, you will find heating and AC malfunctions showing up in the most unexpected ways. It’s not necessary to watch your unit at all hours of the day, however. A few steps to extend the life of your cooling systems will cut back your responsibilities. More importantly, providing a system with simple care can extend its life.

How do You Extend the Life of an AC?

Repairs, inspections and maintenance services extend the life of your air conditioning. The average lifespan of AC units can be extended by roughly five to seven years. Extending a 15 year old AC unit to a 25-year lifespan is the result of routine care. These labors are small and quick when your system is maintained by a trained technician. Over time, proper maintenance can extend the life of your system and save you money.

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How Does an HVAC Serviceman Extend the Life of My Unit?

The preventative maintenance performed by HVAC technicians gives your unit the hope of an extended life. HVAC design is standardized so that common work standards can be established. Professionals know just what to do and have ready solutions for the dynamic problems HVAC units can develop. These technicians will help you to: 


#1. Seal Air Leaks

 The pressure of your HVAC system allows air to flow through it properly. Consider sealing your air leaks in order to maintain a balance between filtered and unfiltered air. Tight seals maintain a complete flow of air—from the entry into your ductwork through to the exit.


#2. Drain Fluid Lines

 Freon is expensive when you have to pay for it by the gallon. Leaks have to be stopped as soon as they’re found for this reason. Replacing a hose can be the one fix that significantly extends the life of your AC.


#3. Inspect Filters

 A clean filter can be the difference between getting clean, cool or warm air and having nothing flowing out. The technology behind air filters continues to advance every year. All a technician needs to do in many cases is replace an old filter.


#4. Remove Unit Cover

 The sounds we hear and the smells that grab our attention should always be given a closer look. A full maintenance workup is done when you inspect the insides of your system. You can extend the life of your unit by seeing its internal condition and addressing any potential problems before they worsen.

Save Money—Extend the Life of Your Cooling Unit

Call a professional technician for help in extending the life of your air conditioning unit. Their quick visit can address repairs and new installations with no hassle. You decide on what to work on based on your specific needs. Does your situation call for a new unit or a few smart steps toward a life extension? A professional can help you make the best decisions for your home.

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