4 Tips for an Inspiring Facade Facelift this Spring

Spring is the perfect time to do some house renovations. As well as the traditional spring cleaning, you should use the good weather for some bigger and more serious projects. Your house deserves to feel the love and care you feel for it, so don’t let it down. The façade is surely having a hard time coping with all the years of work it has under its belt, as well as the constant changes in temperatures it experiences during the year.

1. Check the Gutters

Water damage is one of the most common causes of façade wear and tear. This is why you should ensure that your house has proper gutters. Your façade facelift will be in vain unless you have something to protect your hard work. If your house already has gutters, make sure they’re in order and well-maintained. It’s especially important to do this at the beginning of spring, when the gutters may be clogged from the remainders of winter.

You should also check if the gutters are rusty or leaking. If you’ve had the same pair of gutters on your house for ages, this spring might be the time to change them, too. You’re already restoring your façade, you might as well ensure everything else is in order, too. It won’t be hard to find quality gutters that suit your home.

2. Add Curb Appeal

Since you’re already working on the exterior of your home, you can add some curb appeal. Namely, you should take a look at your house numbers. This is an important detail of exterior design that many people neglect. As well as that, it can make your façade pop. Your house number surely hasn’t been touched in years.

This means it’s probably rusty or dangling. In either case, it looks very unappealing. By making this simple fix, you’re ensuring every detail of your restoration is taken care of.

3. Be Careful with Higher Surfaces

The façade should be fixed all around the house, not just at the bottom. As well as that, you should pay attention to the roof. If the roof isn’t fixed, you’re not going to have a nice façade for long. It can be tempting to just climb on top of your house, regardless of how tall it is, and do the work in a jiffy. Though it may be tempting, it’s also very dangerous.

The number one rule for any serious project, especially those involving working on higher grounds, is to be safe. Thankfully, your situation has an easy fix. You can simply choose an elevated work platform for hire. Without spending a lot of money, you’ll be able to reach any surface you wish. Fixing the roof and preserving your façade will be easy when you don’t have to bend over backwards to actually do the work.

4. Use the Right Paint

Not many people are aware that the paint you use can make all the difference when it comes to preserving your façade. They simply choose the colour, regardless of the type of paint it is. People don’t even realize how much that can actually harm your surfaces. So, when painting your façade, make sure that you’re using exterior and not interior paints.

These paints are much more weather resistant and don’t mind the changes in temperature, making them last longer. You can even choose between different types of exterior paint, depending on the type of façade you’re working with. All of this will ensure high-quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.


Lifting your façade from the ground and turning it into something inspiring and wonderful may seem like a challenging task, but with the right tips, everything is possible. You can create the perfect exterior that anyone in the neighbourhood will be envious of. Show your home and your family that you care and let this project be the one to transform your home into something truly beautiful.

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