4 Reasons why vanilla cupcakes are the best dessert when hosting a party

One of the things that people notice when hosting a party is the dessert. Yes, that is right. Most especially on a birthday party, desserts are like an addition to the decoration of the reception area. And when it comes to desserts, a traditional cake is no longer as popular as it was before. Nowadays, cupcakes get more attention since you can make lots of it and you have more freedom in designing and setting it up on the party table.

One of the popular cupcakes that are getting more attention to this day is vanilla cupcakes. This type of cupcake may look so basic, but you will be surprised why they are so much better compared to others.

Here are four reasons why vanilla cupcakes are the best dessert to prepare when hosting a party.

1. It smells so much better.

Nothing more can attract a dessert-lover than a good-looking and good-smelling cupcake. Vanilla is a flavoring that is obtained from orchids of the genus Vanilla. This flavor gives out a sweet-smelling scent that relaxes your mind and makes someone feel happy. This is why vanilla is not only used for perfumes, but also to food as it can result to a good well-being. Indeed, desserts can make life even better.

2.You can mix it in with other flavors to create a unique-tasting cupcake.

The best thing about vanilla cupcakes is that it is a versatile dessert that you can even experiment with it. You can mix in with other flavors in your recipes such as lemon or orange zest and it will still taste great. You can add a variety of fruits to your vanilla cupcake recipe and it will create a unique flavor. Unlike other types of cupcakes, you will only have limited ingredients to experiment with. But with vanilla cupcakes, anything is possible.

3.It has a more subtle taste compared to chocolate cupcakes.

It has been a great debate to people all over the world on which is better – vanilla or chocolate? While this would vary depending on one’s preferences, when it comes to people who are not fond of the overwhelming sweetness of a chocolate cupcake, vanilla cupcakes are so much better. The subtle taste of the sweetness of a vanilla cupcake is not overwhelming compared to chocolate cupcakes. That is why it can be paired with any types of coffee.

4.You can put in some toppings and syrups and it will still taste good.

As mentioned above, since vanilla cupcakes have a more subtle taste, you can add in some unique toppings to add more flavors. If you prefer your vanilla cupcakes to be even sweeter on the outside, you can top it off with unique syrup and sweet butter cream frosting and some marshmallows on it. It can make our vanilla cupcakes taste and look awesome. This is a great thing because some people prefer a plainer vanilla cupcake, while others like to have something more of a complex cupcake with bursting flavors when eaten.

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