4 Practical Home Remodeling Ideas for Large Families

As your family grows, you will have to adjust the shared spaces. The size of your family might change with more children or relatives moving in with you. As a result, bathrooms, the kitchen, and living rooms need to cater to all of their needs.

However, house refurbishment is not an easy task. It requires extensive planning and budgeting. Besides, the opinions and needs of each of your final members will be conflicting. For the process to be satisfactory, you should consider your children and partner’s convenience.

Here are some ideas on how to renovate some of the rooms in your house.

  • The Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen will need more storage cabinets for extra cutlery and groceries. Automatically, a bigger fridge will become a necessity for your family. Moreover, you will need larger windows for air circulation and natural light.

If you have children, the storage space should be accessible to them. Arrange the lower fridge compartments with their snacks. Hands-free faucets will reduce the risk of your kids leaving the water running. Also, sensor-activated lights will reduce their struggle to turn the lights on whenever they need something from the kitchen.

  • Bathroom Remodeling

Large families are most likely to share a bathroom. Even if you have three bathrooms, children or guests might have to share. Unless you own a mansion, average real estate residences do not cater to larger families’ needs. These may include the medicine for your parents and children, shower candy for children, and towels.

Therefore at one point in a large family, you will need to renovate the bedroom. Always renovate in simple ways to make room for the personal needs and products of every family member. The second one is your interior decor, such as pebbles and colorful towel hooks; your family should enjoy their baths and showers.

  • Backyard Refurbishment

During the day, large families hardly crowd inside the house. Most of your children and relatives would want to stay outside. Your children, at this point, will not have their rooms to themselves; the next best hangout is in the backyard. 

Firstly, the simplest way to upgrade the backyard is to build a fireplace or outside grill/oven. You can even have your dinners outside during summer. Secondly, soft grass will be an excellent playground for the kids and their friends.

  • Bedroom Makeover

Bedrooms need to accommodate all of your family members. The convenient way to ensure the kids’ bedrooms are enough is by installing bunk beds. They are a better alternative to two single beds because they minimize space. In simple terms, both beds occupy the space of one bed.

However, if your children’s rooms can fit two beds, have two smaller beds. There is no need for large beds for your kids; it is a waste of space that is already scarce. Separate small beds or a bunk bed caters to the needs of sleeping alone by most young people. This preference is because most of your children will not enjoy sharing a room, let alone a bed during puberty.

Final Thoughts

Managing a home with a large family is a daunting process. The only solution is maximizing the space you already have without increasing your rent expenses. The living expenses will naturally increase, and so should your organizational skills.

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  • Rachel

    March 7, 2021 at 8:53 am

    Absolutely agree with all your points here. Bunkbeds have been a godsend for us and I’d give anything for another bathroom too. This year my plans are to follow your advice for the garden and create a fireplace and somewhere to cook outside.

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