4 Benefits Of Martial Arts And Self Defense For Kids

Discipline, self respect and concentration are just a few of the benefits that kids get from taking martial arts.

Sports, in general, are integral in a child’s development. They are able to develop skills that follow them throughout their lives. Some of the lessons are mental. Some emotional. But all of the lessons can help them in many aspects of their lives.

Martial arts concentrate all of these lessons into a discipline that goes beyond team sports.

In this article, I will go over some of the ways that martial arts can help a child’s personal development. Read on to see if taking a martial art is right for your child.


 It’s natural for both adults and kids to give up when something gets too uncomfortable. Martial arts teaches kids how to fight through that feeling and continue even when it doesn’t feel good or just seems to difficult.

This resilience can help when it comes to taking exams, facing difficult times in life or some other hardship. Having the tools you get from martial arts can come in handy when learning about how to build relationships as it can take resilience to stick out the tough times with a significant other.

Giving up when times get tough almost always leads to regrets later in life. Facing those tough times head on is never easy but comes naturally to those who have done martial arts.

Finding inner peace

Naga – Martial Arts | Self Defense | Community stresses the importance of creating peaceful warriors. They are not alone when it comes to making sure people understand that learning a martial art is not about taking on fights with others, but about fighting one’s inner turmoil. And when it is conquered a child can have a sense of calm in many situations.

It isn’t easy being a kid. There are bullies to deal with. Lots of challenges that are faced for the first time. And then the confusion that comes with losing a child’s view of the world and seeing it for what it is. With the inner peace that comes with taking a martial art, these phases are much easier for kids to deal with.

Getting better grades

Discipline, resilience and high self esteem help kids with their learning. Using all the lessons learned from martial arts kids often perform much better at school.

Getting the most out of school means a comprehensive education. Martial arts helps kids conquer their fears when it comes to learning and helps them open their minds. This makes their overall education much more effective as they actually learn and become curious to learn more instead of just learning how to pass a test.

Self respect

Having respect for themselves is as important as respecting others. This forms a foundation that will help them overcome temptations like drugs and bad relationships.

It goes hand in hand with confidence that doesn’t become arrogance and self-worth that doesn’t become narcissism.

Having self-respect means not giving in to bullies, or even becoming a bully themselves. While we are focused lately on how to deal with bullies, it seems just as important to give kids the tools they need so they don’t also become bullies.

It’s a great way for kids to learn to be well-rounded people as they grow and try to navigate an ever-changing world.




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