3 Signs That Your Child Is Eating Too Much Sugar

Everybody knows that sugar is bad for you and if you want your kids to have a healthy diet, you need to limit sugary drinks and snacks. But a lot of parents don’t realise that there is hidden sugar in lots of other food and drink that they’re giving their kids. Juice is one that always catches people out because it seems healthy but the sugar content is no different to fizzy drinks. Cereal is another one that is packed full of sugar, even though it’s usually marketed as being a healthy breakfast for your kids. That means that your kids could be eating way too much sugar without even realising, and it could be impacting their health. It’s important that you check the ingredients on things when you are shopping, but you should also watch out for the tell tale signs that they are eating too much sugar. These are some of the symptoms you should watch out for if you are worried about your child’s sugar intake.

Digestive Issues 

When you eat too much sugar, it can upset the balance of bacteria in your gut and cause a lot of digestive issues. It may also cause more sugar cravings as well so it becomes a vicious cycle. If you notice that your child is constipated a lot of the time or they have a lot of stomach pain after eating, it could be down to their sugar intake. You can relieve their symptoms by using a stool softener for kids but you should also take a look at the sugar that they are eating. If symptoms persist, get them to a doctor because it could be caused by something more serious. 

Energy Fluctuations 

Eating sugar has a big impact on your energy levels, so if you notice that your child fluctuates a lot, they may be consuming too much. When you eat sugar, you will get a sugar rush and a big burst of energy. But this will shortly be followed by a big crash. If you notice that your child is bouncing off the walls one minute, and lethargic and tired the next, they’re probably eating too much sugar. You should also watch out for concentration issues. If you struggle to get them to do their homework because they can’t stay focused, that may be down to their sugar intake. However, it could also be caused by other issues so if it’s a big problem, take them down to see the doctor.  

Mood Swings 

Alongside the energy fluctuations, people also experience mood swings when they eat a lot of sugar. When they experience a crash and they start getting strong sugar cravings, it can cause them to be irritable. This can be hard to spot, especially with teenagers or toddlers, because mood swings are a normal part of growing up, but if it’s especially bad, it could be caused by excess sugar intake. 

If you notice these symptoms in your child, it could be a sign that they are eating too much sugar and you should think about changing their diet. 


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