3 interior design hacks for low-maintenance renovation

Interior design is a way to breathe new life into your home.

When we tire of the same old surroundings, it can prevent our humble abodes from feeling like a haven of relaxation, and they can quickly become a source of stress as a result.

And yet, renovation can sometimes be a major project.

If you’re looking to improve your home without upheaval, these are just a few quick tips to change up your décor and free up your space.

1. Textures change everything

We all know that a monochrome finish can look a little plain on its own, but a splash of colour or eye-catching centrepiece can be the perfect accessory to set off this simplistic look.

Likewise, if your room is filled with texturally similar items, introducing a mix up can help create a quaint yet complementary vibe.

Cushions, tapestries and rugs are an easy way to introduce a little extra cosiness in any room. Whether you prefer traditional designs or a little modernity, Land of Rugs have an excellent range to liven up your living room.

2. Recycling – for extra cash!

You’d be surprised how easy it is to shift your excess junk.

Large items such as mattresses often require a call to the council, who will come and collect them for a fee.

But depending on what you need to get rid of, you can make money from recycling your second-hand goods. For instance, if you’ve recently moved into a property with an unwanted stairlift from, We Buy Any Stairlift can remove them for free, and will even pay cash for certain models.

Meanwhile, local groups on social media can be a fantastic way to sell unwanted furniture, sparing you a trip to the tip and meaning your items will go to a good home. Online marketplaces have been around for years, but sellers are turning to them more than ever as a way to earn a little extra money these days.

Plus, getting rid of anything unneeded will not only clear space in your home, but can help to fund any further home improvements.

3. Let the light in

There’s no better time than the summer to enjoy natural daylight – especially with the rising costs of heat and electricity.

But when it comes to the winter, a little low-lighting and closed curtain can help your home feel that extra bit comfy.

Lamps are ideal for a cottage vibe, whilst Philips Hue bulbs give you complete control over the brightness and colour to create an atmospheric ambience in your own home all year round.

We hope these three easy tips help you choose your next home improvement. And remember – you don’t have to do everything straight away. Chipping at little tasks here and there can make your project more manageable and help you appreciate those little changes.

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