#WIN A Freshers Pack – The Ultimate Uni Survival Kit

#WIN A Freshers Pack – The Ultimate Uni Survival Kit

By now, most of you will know that our eldest is about to fly the nest and start her university degree this September, we have been showcasing lots of different products that could come in useful when children go away to university in our Transition to Uni feature, but today I have something, which I think is TOTALLY AMAZING!

Introducing Free The Fresher a website for all of those young people about to head off to university (and those that are already there)

You have until the end of May to sign up to the website and the deal they are offering is FANTASTIC!

For just £50 you (or your parent) can sign up to the website and they will provide pretty much EVERYTHING you will need when going away to university.

You’ll find all items listed included in the Freshers Pack and members have the option of Blue, Pink, Black or White colour scheme for their pack – it’s the little things that matter, right?

Your Freshers Pack will be delivered on the specified move in date you request, or can be delivered to your home address if you prefer.

Kitchen : 1 Pot, 1 Pan, Cutlery set, Cutting Knife, Cutting board, Spatula , mixing spoon, cheese grater, Plate set , cups, mugs, shot glasses, measuring cups, hangover kit, dish cloth

Room: Duvet , Pillows, Sheets, toilet paper, pins, Towels, gym bag

Uni: Card Deck , Pens , Pencils, highlighters, Note Pads, binders ,Planner etc

But do not delay as you only have until the end of May to sign up, if your son or daughter (or even you) are not sure if you will be going to university yet, I would definitely recommend signing up and paying the £5 deposit, then if they change their mind, you can always request a refund when the packs are due to be sent out in August.

You can also add two extra packs at a cost of £5 each, one Christmas which will be delivered the first week of December and a Summer Pack containing all the holiday essentials and festival survival kit.

I have TWO Freshers Packs to give away, to enter just follow the instructions in the widget below, but do not wait to see if you are a winner, SIGN UP NOW to ensure you don’t miss out on this amazing offer .

WIN A Freshers Pack From Free The Freshers


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