Project 365 2017 weeks 10-12

Project 365 2017 weeks 10-12

Well I am so behind, you have three weeks today!

Day 64 – Timber!

Today Asa lopped off the top of the conifers, they were way too tall and were shading the play area, and the vegetable patch behind it. The difference it has made to the entire garden is amazing! Although we did have to put a rope around the tree hanging over into the neighbours garden, which happened to be the largest branch!

Day 65 – Skittles

Tyrus has been going into school a little better, but only with the promise of something when he comes out of school, he adores Skittles, but takes a long time to eat them, as he would rather sort them into colours first, so these bags that have 11 tiny bags in are perfect! I know I won’t win Mother of The Year, but if it stops him getting upset, then i’ll go with it!

Day 66 –  Games Development!

A quick snap of Lochlan, never sure if he is doing homework, otr just playing games with his friends! As he is studying Games Development, it’s quite hard to tell!

day 67 – Mamma Mia

Tonight I wet to the theatre with Neva and Xene to see Mamma Mia, if it is coming to a theatre near you I would definitely recommend it, I thought it was better than the film.

day 68 – Chicken Run

The chickens are finally allowed back out in the garden, here is Mabel having a little exercise.

day 69 – Forever Jackson

Neva and I went to the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft to watch Forever Jackson, it was a great show and Robin Parsons was superb as the King of Pop. he had people dancing in the aisles.

day 70 – Pamper Party

Today Eowyn went to her friend Olivia’s birthday party, which included a pamper party, dancing and a bunch of giggly girls, here she is showing off her pretty nails and trying to convince me that she chose pastel colours so they would be OK for school on Monday.

day 71 Starting to be a bit more Spring like!

There is finally some colour in the garden, long may it continue.

day 72 Double Trouble

Everyday the bond between these two gets stronger, they LOVE playing on Little Big Planet together, although neither of them sit still very long, and you can hear the laughter as their favourite game is to put stickers all over the characters on screen! Tyrus has even start to wear pants at home, which is a huge achievement.

day 73 Neva’s Usual Spot

Each picture I snap of Neva looks pretty much the same, as she always sits in the same seat in the lounge to do her homework or to communicate with her friends, the only difference is usually the clothes she is wearing!

day 74 – More flowers emerging

I noticed these appearing out the bottom of one of our sheds, so lovely to see more colour.

day 75 Perfect Day for a dust bath

The chickens love it when the weather warms up a bit, they spend most of the day in dust baths, without getting too muddy!

day 76 Power Rangers Go!

In celebration of the new movie, Viggo has been dressing up as a Red Power Ranger, although I think it’s more Kaide’s size…

day 77 – Moana

We missed Moana at the cinema in December, so when we saw that it was on the Kid’s Club for £1.49, the girls and Kaide asked if I would take them, so here they all are with popcorn and Coke waiting for the film to start, if you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth going to see.

day 78 Pikachu Gets Moved

Today, for some reason the other chickens were picking on Pikachu, (pictured at the bottom) so we moved him into the other coop with Fluffles, she has been in there for quite along time by herself, as she lost an eye and was getting bullied by the others, she is also quite unsociable, but they seem to have become best buddies!

day 79 Kaide Relaxing

I love the way the children sit on an armchair, I always think it doesn’t look too comfortable, but they all seem to like it.

day 80 Parrots at Preschool

Viggo was very proud of his two parrots, but even more of his orange streaked hair! He definitely needs a haircut.

day 81 – Eowyns new toy

Eowyn was very excited when she came home to find her new Baby Annabell brother to review.

day 82 – Ben and Holly on Tour

We had a last minute invite to watch Ben and Holly, which meant an early start for Viggo! He was the perfect age and loved every minute of it, if you have a Ben and Holly fan, definitely try and catch the tour, they will love it!

day 83 More Chickens!

I have been practising taking pictures of the chickens, if they stay still long enough, thankfully Bubble is co-operative.

day 84 The Veg Patch is getting there!

Today we carried on getting the veg patch ready, I have just ordered a wooden greenhouse that will be delivered on Tuesday, I am a little bit excited!



  1. March 31, 2017 / 1:20 pm

    I hope Pikachu gets on well in his new home.

  2. April 2, 2017 / 3:41 am

    I’m a week behind in my commenting and have also swapped over to two weekly round-ups! Such a busy 3 weeks for you. I love seeing all your chickens, and love that you’ll have a veg patch! Love the parrots 🙂 Spring is in the air when the colour comes back to the yards! #project365
    Emma Gordon recently posted…Olallie Lake via Pratt Lake TrailMy Profile

  3. April 6, 2017 / 5:08 pm

    love the photos of the chickens and flowers, sounds like a varied few weeks, esp the pamper party and games development? never knew that was a subject in school and it must be hard to know when he’s studying or just playing
    chickenruby recently posted…Coping with a disabled adult child.My Profile

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