LOL Surprise

LOL Surprise

After taking the US by storm, LOL surprise is set to be the next collectable craze in the UK, as the ultimate unboxing toy is combined with the anticipation of surprise.

Eowyn was send one to put through its paces.

The pictures say much more than a description!

Our thoughts.

Eowyn enjoyed taking all of the layers off and the doll is very sweet, although there was a lot of plastic that just got thrown in the bin, so for the rrp of £7.99 for the small doll and her accessories is quite high, although Eowyn has spent quite a long time playing with the doll and putting her in the bath, so as a parent I think it is quite expensive, but the actual play value for Eowyn has been quite high.

There are over 45 different dolls to collect, so I do think this will be quite popular with the 5-9 year olds and that is the price I would usually pay for a friends birthday present.


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