Gifts for Tweens That Loves Animals and Glitter

Do you have a tween on your shopping list this holiday season? Does that tween just love animals and glitter? If you said yes, then you just got lucky, because oh my goodness, there there some fun gift ideas out there for tweens that love this combination. I am having a hard time not buying all of the things!

 Gifts for Tweens That Love Animals and Glitter

Fun Animal Socks

Fun socks are always a hit when it comes to gift giving, but when they are fun and have cute animals on them, yeah…your tween is going to love these!

Hanger Hooks-Kitty Cat

How cute is this little kitty cat? This would be awesome on the door of your kiddos bathroom to hang their robes or towels up with.

I Love Turtles Hoodie

The VCSO girl popularity is really bringing awareness to the plight of the turtles and this is awesome! Tweens are all about showing their love for turtles, so this I Love Turtles Hoodie is a gift that will be very loved!

National Geographic Kids 125 True Stories of Amazing Animals: Inspiring Tales of Animal Friendship & Four-Legged Heroes, Plus Crazy Animal Antics

When you were young didn’t you just love reading great stories? I know I did. This National Geographic book is perfect for kids 8-12 and features fun, amazing and true stories of animals around the world.

Dog Ate My Mad Libs

When I was a kid, Mad Libs were the cause of many nights of laughter. This Mad Libs book is dedicated to dogs and looks like it will be full of laughts. What tween to do you know that doesn’t like to laugh?

Animal Night Light

Your tween might not be afraid of the dark, but I can just about guarantee that any tween that loves animals will love to have on eof these night lights in their room. You can get a dolphin, elephant, horse, dog, shark, or teddy bear.

Paw Print Pop Socket

Pop sockets are all the rage with the tween crowd., They love them! This paw print pop socket would make a great sotcking stuffer for tweens that love animals.

Cat or Dog Stealing Coin Bank

I love the idea of this gift for tweens that love animals. You can choose bewtween a cat or a dog that “steals” the coins that are put down. Not only do they get to enjoy the animal theme, but they will also be working on saving money.

Animal Planet Explorer Opoly Jr.

This board game takes monopoly to the next level and puts the focus on animals! What a great idea nad what a great gift for tweens that love animals. This will keep them busy having fun and learning awesome facts about them as they go.

Cute Animal Shaped Succulent Vase

Succulents aren’t just for adults, my friends. Kids love them! Especially tween to teenage kids. Giving the gift of an animal vase and the responsibly of taking care of a living thing is a very big deal. Tweens love gifts like this.


Fab Lab Sets

What tween doesn’t love glitter, perfume, tattoos and bath bombs, these four items sum up my tween perfectly, she loves the scientific element of perfume and bath bombs and she adores face painting and make up, the fab lab collection has so many amazing products to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Chemistry Lab

If your tween does have a keen interest in science like mine do, then this Chemistry Lab is a great gift idea, it enables them to conduct more than 80 safe experiments and gives them that sense of fun, whilst learning, who knows maybe your child will grow up to be a scientist.

Face Paintoos

If your tween is obsessed with make up and tattoos like mine, why not get this face paintoos set, I have chosen the magical pack, as it suits her very well, they don’t smudge are quick and easy to apply and just as easy to take off! Magical pack comes with the most magical and pretty faces! Forest Fairy, Dolphin with rainbow, Butterfly, Blue Mermaid and Unicorn. Removal wipes, applicator sponge and instructions included.

Love Leggings

If your tween is anything like mine, she never sits still, and she still wants to cartwheel across the lounge, and although she is trying her best to act grown up, sometimes the tween clothing choices don’t really work with back flips, so most days you will usually find Eowyn in leggings, sometimes with a skirt or dress over the top, and sometimes not, she was very kindly sent a pair of Love Leggings and she really does love them (both her and Neva, check out the college kid gift guide to find out Neva’s thoughts), Eowyn chose Acai purple pair and she is barely out of them, so if you are looking for warm, comfortable leggings in funky colours, check out Love Leggings.

Personalised Butterfly Heart pendant

If you are looking for something a little special for your tween, then this may be the answer, a beautiful pendant with a heart and butterfly and you can have the pendant personalised with a name of your choice.

Music, Music, Music!

If your older children are anything like mine they are always plugged in to some form of device, with music blaring out, so if you are looking for a great stocking filler, how about Now 100 Hits Christmas

But you can’t listen to that all year, so maybe a bit of Disney or a good old singalong










Cheeky Little Prints

If you have an animal lover and you have a dog or a cat, then Cheeky Little Prints is for you! It’s brilliant, you can capture your pets paw print and have it turned into all sorts of amazing products from a stamp you use in your Christmas Cards (no more drawing paws) to personalised jewellery with your pets print, I have to admit that we are trying desperately hard to get a decent paw from Bree but with her giant, wet muddy, fluffy feet its proving extremely difficult, but Lisa is always on hand to offer helpful advice and she is SO patient!

Penguin Necklace

Gifts For Tweens

If you are looking for something extra special for your animal loving daughter/niece/granddaughter then I have THE perfect gift for you, this very delicate, intricate penguin necklace would be the ultimate gift for her. It can be in gold or silver and looks amazing, she will feel very grown up wearing it, a great gift to open on Christmas morning. If a penguin is not her favourite animal, do not fear Jana Reinhardt has plenty of animal choices to choose from, I love all of the polar collection!

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