15 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Kids Bedroom Decorations

Revamping your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be a daunting budget consuming activity. With some basic DIY ideas and projects you can facelift your kids’ bedroom altogether.

Here’s a list of cool new bedroom decorations ideas you can implement.

Closet Storage & Chests

Help keep your kids organized and neat with storage chests. They help prevent clutter and look awesome. It also provides a nice place for your children to store their toys and clothes.

Painting Art Decorations on the Ceiling

You can choose to paint decorations such as stars, planets clouds, etc on onto the ceiling of your kids’ bedroom. Not only does it help spice up the room’s appeal, but it also strengthens the bond between you and your child. Each time they look up, they’ll think “Wow dad (or mom) did that!”

Utilize Wallpaper

Not only does it prevent kids from scribbling on the walls, but it also helps boost the aesthetic of the room. Using brightly colored wallpaper helps bring in more light. You can choose a variety of different colors and patterns at affordable prices.

Going Vintage

An old school vintage look can be a great theme for girls and boys. You can purchase steel framed chairs from any furniture store. Accompany this look with vintage mosaics and a cool lava lamp. This theme brings out a youth eccentric atmosphere in the room.


Paint Walls with Chalkboard Paints

Tired of your kid sketching on the wall? Chalkboard paints are a great way of decorating your kids’ bedroom while encouraging their artistic side. Simply grab some paints together and get sketching.

Turn the room into an art center with cartoon sketches, words, and buildings. Not only does it boost the appearance of the room, but it also helps you get closer to your kid.

Glow in the Dark Paints

Turn your kid’s bedroom into a festival of fun at night with glow in the dark paints. Consider sketching artistic patterns in pencil then cover up with paint. The luminous element of the paints leaves a great impression in the bedroom. It can also help reduce electric bills as they provide good lightning in the dark.

Display the Things You Own

Instead of purchasing expensive artwork, you can opt to mount objects on the wall in neat frames. Not only will it save you money, but it also helps declutter the room. Objects such as toys and books are a great fit. You can get creative with the shape of the frame. Whether it’s triangular, rectangular, or circular the choice is yours to explore.


Repaint Faded Furniture

Perhaps that fantastic night stool you bought two years ago has done its time. Instead of tossing out old furniture, consider restoring it. By purchasing some wood varnish, turpentine and paints you can help restore the appearance of the furniture while making the room look fresh.

Incorporate Living Plants into the Scene

Add a few plants here and there to enhance the room. This gives it a natural energy vibe and boosts the aesthetics of the room. Ensure to only nurture safe plants. Plants that are toxic and or spikey are not recommended. With this, you’ll help your child foster new life giving them a sense of responsibility.

Get Creative with Paints

Exploring diverse paint hues and colors. When it comes to decorating, having a keen sense of creativity is essential. Don’t focus on coloring walls with a single dull color. Instead choose to combine different colors and patterns. On one wall can decide to paint the bottom half blue and the top white. Spice up the variety for added effect.

Display Achievements and Possession

Hang up your children’s trophies, guitars, etc., onto a reachable spot. Display your kids’ passions in a unique way for all to see. That way you’ll help declutter while showing them you’re a proud parent.

Frame a Map or Flag

What better way to show your patriotism by framing your countries flag onto the wall? This budget-friendly project also educates your kid on the states and cities. Look up the internet for maps of your region and frame it.

Display Your Kid’s Artwork

You know all those drawings your kid made? Yeah the one’s pinned onto the refrigerator. Pinning them onto a corkboard in your kids’ bedroom is a great way to display their artwork. Your little babies will be ecstatic waking up to their lovely murals of daddy and mommy in the morning.

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Use Wall Papers

Wallpapers are an excellent way of decorating your kids’ room and they’re easy to use too. They are affordable and come in a variety of themes, shapes, and designs. 

Add More Lighting

Book and bedside lamps are essential for night-time storytelling. They also help spruce up the room’s glow. Adding colorful lampshade colors can be simple to make. Just by using nylon cloth and some paint you too can create a colorful shade.

Final Thought

By using some of these helpful tips, you too can decorate your kids’ bedroom without spending much. For a more artistic approach, consider sticking to DIY eccentric concepts.

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