10 Underwear Hacks Every Woman Should Know

How hard can it be to care for your underwear? I mean all you have to do is buy the thing, wash it after wearing, and then repeat. Well, it’s not as simple as that. It shouldn’t be if you want your undies to last for a long time. Thankfully, I have as many as 10 underwear hacks every woman should know. To keep the delicates well maintained!

10 Underwear Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Say you buy the best-selling underwear. It offers perfect fit and superior comfort at all times. But what good is it if you don’t give its upkeep any importance! The panty is more likely to show signs of wear and tear sooner than you can imagine.

But with these 10 underwear hacks every woman should know, your lingerie is in great hands.

#1 Keep basics/favourites at your disposal

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Every girl has a favourite pair. The kind that makes your lady bits feel right at home when you put it on. So here’s my question to you. Why keep only a single pair? After all, it’s a pattern you simply can’t get enough of. So maybe it’s time to stock up.

As for the basics, it’s always a good idea to have more of them. Cause your chances of reaching for the basics most of the time are quite high.

#2 Opt for neutral colours

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Let me be honest here. Colourful panties show through the clothing, don’t they? So how can you prevent this from happening? It’s simple! Just buy neutral coloured underwear. This is easier said than done I know. Cause avoiding gorgeous bright red or pink lacy panties is very tough.

Make use of your strong willpower at this point. It’s best to stick to blacks, whites, and nudes. If you wish to stay away from figuring out what undies are the most suitable for your outfits!

#3 Keep comfort in mind

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No matter what your style and preferences are, don’t ever neglect comfort. Underwear that’s uncomfortable might not see the light of day after that one wear. So what’s the point in spending all that money on the pair?

Always choose the most comfortable women’s underwear. There are many stylish and attractive looking options in this category too. Thanks to the boom of the lingerie industry.

#4 Include your underwear when planning your outfits

Let’s imagine that you’re living in a perfect world. This means you have ample time in your hands to plan your outfits. If that’s the case, and the world is so perfect, you plan your underwear too.

Now I know this sounds silly and unrealistic. But the task doesn’t take more than five minutes. And the best part is that you get to choose your pants well before time. To eliminate the frustration of having to deal with panty lines showing through your clothes!

#5 Organize your underwear accordingly

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Throw away the unnecessary panties. And then organise the ones that remain. But how? With the help of small dividers. That segregates your undies according to the categories. Such as material, type, or colour!

#6 Purchase many sets

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When the budget is not a concern, why buy just one or two pairs? It’s not the smartest decision you’d make. In fact, the more budget-friendly choice might be to purchase them in sets. This gives you enough on hand. At a relatively cheaper cost!

You can easily make the most of online deals or offline sales too.

#7 Know which is the best underwear for women’s health

Underwear and health; doesn’t seem like factors you’re likely to look into, right? But here’s the ugly truth. What you wear down there does have an impact on your health. This is the reason why thongs earn such a bad reputation.

Cotton panties are a more suitable option if health is your priority. They go a long way in preventing vaginal discomfort. Along with infections!

#8 Sort through once in a while

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Underwear is the most basic undergarment. So it’s only natural for the thing to get neglected. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sort through every once in a while. Toss out the gross, forgotten, torn pairs. Because you’re never going to wear them again, are you?

#9 Wash your delicates separately

What’s that one advice many women offer when it comes to washing both bras and undies? That you should wash them separately! And this often gives rise to the same question. Who has the time? Well, here’s a solution to that.

There are dryer and washer friendly bags that you can just throw your lingerie into. So there’s no need to make time for another laundry batch. Just put this bag with the rest of your clothes.


#10 Embrace panty liners

Do you wish to avoid your camel toe? If yes, then befriend panty liners. All you have to do is place two liners on each other. Before adjusting them over your pants!

The End of the List

So these are the top 10 underwear hacks every woman should know. Every grown-up woman that is! Once you incorporate the habits, you’ll witness your panties bloom. And even your genitalia. If your lady bits could talk, they would definitely thank you for this.

If you have any more tips to share, please don’t hold back.

Thank you for reading and visiting. Do come again soon!

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